Brutally honest version of the history that we continue to pretend doesn't exist

Added Comment: This is 30 minutes of brutally honest history that most citizens will find difficult to believe because they have never heard it – since it has been “blacked out” and “papered over” – replaced by delusionary, hyped fictions – fabricated and orchestrated by a criminal cabal that has always driven this steamroller Machine of predatory exploitation for its exclusive profit, at the expense of the rest of society – and now at the expense of the whole world.  It is a history that is soaked in blood, destruction and exploitation – an exercise in self-delusion, exclusive supremacy and enslaving domination.
It is essential that we understand the truth and the relevance of this history, and that we, the citizens, have been the pawns in this Elite Chess Game,  for only then will we realize that we, individually and collectively, need to make a determined commitment to stop this march down this road of “total insanity”, and that those responsible must be held accountable.
A brief and crucial history of the United States:

Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop the Machine

By piotrbein