Useful idiots organize a rally

Panowie, gospodini
Your political naivete is pathetic. Your demonstration misses the mark, at least on the 4/10, Katyn and genocide perpetrated on the Ukrainian nation by the Bolsheviks.
Katyn is not any Russian crime — it’s been perpetrated by the Judeocentric Jews in the Soviet regime. Similar with the genocide (incl. Holodomor) on Ukrainians.
As to 4/10, there is no final finding of the perpetrator — my bet it’s been also done by the Judeocentric Power Complex (JPC). (Read e.g. Judeocentrics and Mass Crimes)
It’s ludicrous to invoke the rally in Budapest, a “colour revolution”-like manipulation, a US state department’s invention since Otpor in Serbia! “French intellectuals” like Cohn-Bendit (who also has instigated the “humanitarian” bombing in the Balkans) have supported the Budapest rally.
BTW, apart from being also a victim of the JPC in the Armenian Genocide, what do the Armenians have to do with your demonstation?
Mr. Jaworski has been pulling misguided stunts for some time. Often he sows mindless Russophobia — a specialty of hasbara among Poles, Ukrainians and other Slavs, to thwart any attempts at Slav unification.
You are both nuts, trying to unite our nations under a BIG LIE! Perhaps both of you pretend to be diaspora patriots but work for the CIA (Mossad) and the “US” state department on controlled dissent?
Piotr Bein
On 7-Apr-12, at 9:53 AM, Mark Lech Jaworski wrote:
Dear Mr. Petriw,
I have found your response very touching. Since a momentous year of 1385, for several hundred years our nations enjoyed peaceful coexistence as one country under one God and one King, but with separate laws, taxation, judicial system, languages and churches. Leaders of Lithuania (what is now Ukraine) were Kings of both nations, starting successful Jagiellonian Dynasty, who established the oldest University in Poland, one being in a Capital of both countries — Cracow, still bearing their name.
Dark ages of imperialism, communism and nazism came, which resulted in Ukraine and Poland, each  losing one third of their populations. Those who intended to divide us, I believe, in fact had united us. I am glad that we survived at all, and it is our duty, as those living far away from those unfortunate areas, to remember and renew our faith in national identity and unique cultures.
I hope that we able to follow advice of the famous Armenian conductor Herbert von Karayan, who wrote:
“If you are looking for a nation which lost all the wars, whose language nobody else understands, to whose music nobody listens, you will find Armenia. But if anywhere in the world, there will be at least one Armenian — Armenia will resurrect herself!”
See you on Tuesday!
Mark Lech Jaworski
On 2012-04-06, at 7:07 PM, Myron Petriw wrote:
The Ukrainian community of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland will join our Polish friends in protesting the crimes of the Russian Empire.
We will be demonstrating on the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery at 4PM on Tuesday, April 10, the 2-nd Anniversary of  the Smolensk air disaster.
The crash of the Tupolev154 took the life of President Lech Kaczyn’ski among 95 of Poland’s elite (including 7 Generals, Government Ministers and clergy). For a second time the forests near Katyn became the place for decapitation of Poland’s leadership.
For Ukraine, the decapitation of its elite has been an ongoing process that includes the Rozstrilane Vidrodzhenia (Executed Rebirth) of 1933, and more recently the disappearance of Rukh secretary Mykhailo Boychyshyn, and the death of Vyacheslav Chornovil among countless others.
Please – Be There!
Bring Ukrainian flags (I will bring small extra flags for those that forget).
Pass this note on to your friends,
(as a reminder of better days along with this announcement, I’m attaching a picture of Presidents Victor Yushchenko, & Lech Kaczyn’ski standing beside Pres. Mikheil Saakashvilli to stare down Russian aggression, a moment I consider their finest hour)
Mirko Petriw
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From: Mark Lech Jaworski
Sent: April 4, 2012 8:54 AM
Subject: Protest on 10th of April
Dear Mr. Petriw,
As an author of this leaflet,
<2010 Smolensk Committee2012.docx>
and the one who personally delivered it to Mr. Huculak (my favourite Vancouver lawyer), I declare on behalf of my friends and myself, that we will be proud to see our brothers and sisters from Ukraine, to be part of our protest. We would love to see Ukrainian flags and posters. Such peaceful demonstrations are able to change history. It happened in Poland, Estonia and of course in Ukraine. Our hearts are with you in your yearnings for independence.
In 1987, when we were reminding all Canadians about Ribbentrop — Molotov Pact, large groups of Ukrainians, Estonians and Czechs were demonstrating near the same Art Gallery in Vancouver in support of reversal of that division of Europe which was a direct result of that shameful pact. It may have helped!
Such gestures of solidarity remind me of a visit of about 20,000 Poles who recently came to Budapest to show support for Premier Orban on the Independence Day of Hungary.
Below is a picture from Budapest of that day:
Hope to see you there
Mark Lech Jaworski

By piotrbein