Gates plays with poo

Piotr Bein: Surprisingly, Gates does not propose a vaccine to reduce the frequency of pooing, at least in developing countries. Does the eugenic “philantropist” have no better purpose to spend money than useless projects and depopulating the humankind?
Is Gates going to work on elimination of animal poo, too? Humanity and nature have solved the pooing problem: vide toilets at boy-scout camps. $42M million reward for me :<)
Sewerage aggravates the problem by unloading "treated" poo into rivers and lakes. No treatment gets rid of pathogens, unless it's UV or heavily chemically treated – both use energy and pollute, with something else, incl. mutated microorganisms.
Gates seems to scare us with the usage of flush-water – in preparation for privatisation of water? Goodness gracious – do we have shortage of water on Earth?!
And this concern for children… I wanted to cry, embrace the Gateses… while millions of children, not just in the developing countries, go unborn (sterilizing vaccines), maimed for life, or killed by side-effects. We don't yet fully know how children will fare after eating GMO cereal breakfasts and drinking milk from GMO cows and goats….
Sewage-related illness does not result from inadequate toilets, but from lack of education, undernourishment and pollution that weaken human immune system, lack of clean water supply, sanctions like those by UN in Iraq (now being prepared for Iran)… Is Gates going to do something about those?
Lack of Sanitation

By piotrbein