60 Minutes: Let's keep supporting reporters of Israeli atrocities in Palestine

Dear Piotr,
60 Minutes, America’s best-known news program, is under attack for reporting the actual impact of the Israeli occupation on Palestinians.
In less than 24 hours, we beat our goal of 10,000 people sending thanks to 60 Minutes’ producers. But the pro-Israeli Occupation machine has flooded 60 Minutes with at least 29,000 angry emails. [1]
Our new goal is to counter the attacks with more than 36,000 people saying thank-you to 60 Minutes.
Can you forward this email to 3 friends right away?  They can click here to sign the petition:


I’m writing to you from Florida, where the Methodist Church will be voting on a historic resolution to stop investing in 3 companies that profit from Israel’s occupation. If this were about any other country that had violated international law for nearly 45 years, the vote would be a no-brainer.
But I have seen first-hand how fear of being unfairly painted with charges of anti-Jewish bias keeps good and decent people from acting to end an occupation that harms both Palestinians and Israelis.
The truth is that these scare tactics only work if we let them. The cost of speaking the facts is nothing compared to what Palestinians have already endured—decades of unlawful home demolitions, checkpoints, land confiscation, detentions without charges, and much more.
Please, take a moment to forward this email to your friends, family, and co-workers. Send a message to every major news outlet in American that we demand fair and honest reporting. Don’t let 60 Minutes back down. Not now.

Thank you,
Sydney Levy,
Jewish Voice for Peace
[1] Washington Post Blog, Right Turn by Jennifer Rubin, April 24, 2012: Backlash builds over ‘60 Minutes’ hatchet job on Israel 

By piotrbein