Why our kids die while others are killed… as trillions of $$$ are lost

Bruno: Here, a J American Four Star General admits that the Neocons et.al, running the Dept. of Defense and other elements of the Bush administration are planning a five year war in which many Arab countries are to be conquered….exposing for all, just what these Zionist Neocons, Cheney,  Wolfowitz,Fuerth,et. All have in mind for America…The General assumes that the purpose behind these plans is Oil…but, fails to see or understand that it is the security of the Israeli Jews that is at stake…Hence their demand for wars that keep American military forces nearby and sufficient to both overcome Arab countries and secure the comfort and status of that “sh—–ty little nation” so aptly described by a French Premier….. J

PB: C’mon folks, how naive can one get?! Wesley Clark was the chief bomber of 1999 Yugoslavia. As the US-NATO European commander, he carried out JPC’s neocon plan for the Balkans to the dot, incl. the use of banned uranium weapons, graphite and cluster bomblets against the civilian population — a test run before Afghanistan, Iraq 2, Pakistan, Libya… and the long-term Balkanisation of the globe in general:

This Judeocentric headed the illegal, brutal action of the “US” gov’t at Waco, Texas, showing great inventiveness in by-passing democratic law and the Constitution, and in busting civilian dissenters, since then called terrorists, not sects.

Is anyone telling me Wesley, US long-time top militarist, does not know of the 1980s Yinon’s Israeli plan for Balkanization well beyond the Middle East, or JPC’s global conquest strategy and year-to-year plans?

Most likely, this widely and frequently circulated video is a deception to make Wesley look good for next elections or something. He has been running for a presidential candidate a few years back already.

The JPC have you by the balls if you folks believe this crypto-Jewish SOB.


By piotrbein