French General confirms 1970s German plans to destroy Yugoslavia

PB: Neither Germany nor Vatican, not even NATO alone could destroy Yugoslavia without the Judeocentric Power Complex’s mastermind, direction and implementation.

Judeocentrics Behind Balkan Interventionism


Rodney Atkinson: French General confirms 1970s German plans to destroy Yugoslavia

In this video French Brigadier General describes German plans for the destruction of Yugoslavia. He attended meetings of French German and British and the Vatican (a major funder of pro Croat propaganda before and during the 1990s war) in the 1970s where Germany made clear its wish to dismember Yugoslavia and drive Serbs from their historic lands (today occupied by Croats, Kosovo Albanians and Bosnian Muslims). It was partly revenge against Serbs for their siding with us during the first and second world wars and reward Croat Catholics and Muslims for supporting Nazis during that war. The German Foreign Minister Genscher’s party (FDP) was also dependent on Croat voters in Germany!
The French and USA were at first sceptical but the former were persuaded by Kohl having great influence with Mitterand (a Nazi ally during the second world war!!) and the latter by their need to curry fabour with Arab oil powers and to establish a military base (now Camp Bondsteel) in the Balkans to influence future oil from the East.
It is good to have confirmation of all we anti fascists and anti EU activists have written over the last 30 years. Might I in particular refer to my book Fascist Europe Rising – chapter 4. See
Here is the video.

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