Open letter to the US President and Poland's gov't re Medal for Jan Karski

Open letter to the President of the United States of America


the Consul General of the Republic of Poland in New York

Re: Jan Karski Recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom

Given US President’s allegiance to the forces of evil, the award is a disgrace and an insult to freedom-lovers. Like Karski, I bring to the US President a message paramount for humanity’s future. Will the President continue to serve Judeocentric interests, as President Roosevelt has done for Zionists by non-rescue of Jews and Poles? If good deeds are rewarded, why no key Zionists have been condemned nor punished for masterminding and carrying out the Holocaust, a mass violence against more than 20 groups?
Jan Karski’s deeds in rescue of Jews are typical of Poles who did it under the threat of death penalty (implemented only in Nazi-occupied Poland and Serbia), while themselves being the subject of Nazi annihilation since September 1939, i.e. 2 years before the Jews.
But Captain of Polish Army, Witold Pilecki has done more to humanity, at a far greater personal risk, paying with his own life. Were it not for his heroism and sacrifice for humanity, the details of the genocide of many groups, not only Jews, at Auschwitz-Birkenau and other Nazi German death camps, would not be available to bring to the world by Karski (starting in 1942), a Polish-Government-in-Exile courier.
Pilecki is the only known volunteer prisoner of Auschwitz. By 1940, he informed the Allies about the atrocities, and while collecting data, he organized resistance. Pilecki’s reports were a principal source of intelligence on Auschwitz for the Western Allies. He escaped from the death camp in 1943, took part in the Warsaw Uprising (August–October 1944), and instead of Western safety, he chose to face the communist evil after WWII. The Judeocentric communist regime has executed him in 1948. The Poles rescued the Jews; the Polish Underground executed anti-Jewish informers. In return, communist Jews in the state security machine murdered tens of thousands of the Polish Underground soldiers and patriots (calling them fascists and traitors)!
Pilecki’s report about his imprisonment, daily life and escape from Auschwitz, Witold’s Report is one of the most important documents in history. His biography should be known worldwide, and he – distinguished post-humously by all freedoom-loving nations, who should remember forever one of the bravest martyrs who has challenged both Nazim and communism.
Corruption of the term Holocaust
The director of an extensive study of 20th-21st century mass violence and crimes, Professor Christian Scherrer of the Hiroshima Peace Institute writes [1]:
While there are hundreds of books on the Jewish Holocaust and much less on the other 20 or so Holocausts, there seems to be only one book in English language on the largest ever genocide in the modern age against some 30 millions from among the Slavic nations and people. […] the Nazi genocides are second only to the Hispanic and other European power’s genocide […] committed from 1500 onwards.
The popular sense of the Jewish Holocaust (Shoah) is in error [2], often seen as the prototype or model genocide in modern times.
This view is deeply erroneous […] The European Jews were 1 of 21 categories of people brought to death in so-called concentration camps. When Nazi rule started in 1933 it was immediately […] accompanied by arrest of communist leaders in the same night followed by domestic politicsl mass murder in KZs concentration camps. This was full two months before the first measures taken by the NSDAP against Jews [1.4.1933]. […] the first victims to be gassed in Auschwitz and in other death camps were hundreds of thousands of Soviet POWs; millions more were shot, starved, or worked to death. […] The highest numbers of Nazi victims – more than 30 million – were in great majority from among the Slavic nations  and people all over Eastern, Southeastern and Central Europe, with Russians, Poles, and Serbs being the most severely and foremost targeted groups […]. And it were finally the Slavic people, the Untermenschen (sub-human, in the Nazi propaganda), who defeated the Nazis and their allies almost single-handedly from 1942 onwards, with little and only late support by Western allied forces.
Holocaust is not only Shoah
White House press release implies that Karski eye-witnessed the Shoah. President Obama made the announcement at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum that emphasizes the Shoah. He did it on the Holocaust Day that focuses on Shoah, at the expense of the other  groups. Judeocentrics want to be perceived as the Holocaust victims, while their predecessors, the Jewish Nazi and global Zionists have masterminded and carried out the Holocaust and Shoah with German and other hands – a sequel to Judeocentric genocides on Christians in the Ottoman Turkey and the USSR. Jews in the Judeocentric-led, Soviet NKVD have perpetrated the WWII intellicide against Poles (Katyn Crime) [3].
Karski’s deeds also concentrated on Shoah, although Polish-Government-in-Exile report mentions mass extermination of Poles from the beginning of Nazi occupation (September 1, 1939), more than two years earlier than Shoah began with the Nazi decision at Wansee (January 20, 1942).
One of greatest crimes?
The Polish Consulate’s press release quotes Ambassador Robert Kupiecki, as saying (inaccurately) that Karski risked so much to expose one of humankind’s greatest crimes. The Mongolian hordes in 11th-13th centuries (Eurasia), then the European powers since 14 century (conquest of Americas, magnitude about 15 Shoah) have committed the largest ever genocides. The foundation of Israel is a disturbing aftermath of Shoah, generating genocide in the region.
Post-WWII mass crimes greater than Shoah include state-sponsored international terrorism (main perpetrator Zbigniew Brzezinski): The victims of US-UK bombing wars are in the tens of millions, across world regions […] among Koreans, Vietnamese, Khmers and others (in Cambodia), Laotians, Panamenos, Iraqis, Yugoslavs/Serbs, Afghans, Pakistani, and others. [4] ”Humanitarian intervention” in Libya killed orders of magnitude more civilians than its US-NATO test run in 1990’s Yugoslavia. The emergent state-sponsored violence is manifest in long-running civil wars or genocidal warfare cases that blur the difference between genocide and wars, especially in so-called civil wars [5].
Among a large number of cases is Iraq, Earth’s most deadly place due to UN sanctions, induced sectarian strife, and the effects of uranium weapons; an estimated five to six million have died (the size of the Jewish Holocaust) due to their criminal abuse as cut-off sanctions by US-UK.
As to the sectarian strife, US diplomat, John Negroponte organized and instigated death squad atrocities in 1970s El Salvador. He was the key person in US-UK alliance in Iraq, where with Mossad and Israeli-made car bombs and IEDs (like in Pakistan, Egypt and Iran) he inflamed false-flag sectarian conflicts between Shiites and Sunnites, Christians and Moslems, Arabs and Kurds – to destroy the fabric of Iraqi society. Negroponte was later promoted to head all US secret services.
The 5-6 million victims in Iraq is the deed of PNAC neo-cons (”American” heirs to Zionists who killed their brethren in Shoah), and supporters in the Israel Lobby, incl. Christian Zionist fanatics.
Tolerance and understanding?
The Consul, Ewa Junczyk-Ziomecka, has dubious allegiance regarding her advocacy for the Judeocentric award. After some 70 years’ ban imposed on Bnai Brith in pre-war Poland, she greeted the exclusively Jewish (unlike all the other Freemasons) lodge in Warsaw in 2007, on behalf of Poland’s Judeocentric President Kaczyński. Bnai Brith is an essential part of the racist, intolerant, genocidal Judeocentric Power Complex (JPC). Yet, her Consulate’s press release quotes the US President on tolerance and understanding. The Consul’s CV includes work in Otwarta Rzeczpospolita (a denigrating error in Rzeczypospolita) that censors and intimidates those who expose JPC crimes, and pins antisemite labels on them.
The President owes the Americans, Slavs and the other Holocaust and other mass violence victim nations an explanation, why the tragedy of Jews is again exceptionalized over the other groups’ tragedies, to the detriment of all victims’ memory and historical truth.
Wanda Urbanska, the Director of the Jan Karski U.S. Centennial Campaign, should explain why Karski, not Pilecki, has been elevated to America’s top civilian honour.
I find it cynical and abhorrent that the President of a country chiefly involved in modern-day JPC’s mass violence endorses a chutzpah stageded on the dead of the multi-group Holocaust, and, worse still, of the US-sponsored terrorism. The Medal to Captain Pilecki would be a disgrace. I disapprove of previous awards to ”Polish” persons: Zbigniew Brzezinski and Lech Wałęsa, instruments of JPC genocidal policies.
Like Judeocentric resolutions of the US Congress that skew and politicize historical truth against JPC’s nation-victims, a Presidential Medal awarded in a chutzpah aggravates the strife fomented between victim nations and the extreme Jewry. The US President is drawn into cementing inter-ethnic hatred, a chief ”cause” of many civil wars that the USA then criminally intervenes into.
As a Pole, I demand that Poland’s Government dismiss its New York Consul, an antagonist to Polish, Slav and the remaining humanity interests. I also demand an immediate launching of unbiased, unpoliticized, Witold Pilecki commemorative campaigns in Poland, the European Union and the USA.
Dr Piotr Bein, independent genocide scholar and publicist (Canada and Poland)
[1] Christian Scherrer (editor) Iraq: Silent Death, Penerbit Universiti Malaysia: Pulau Pinang, 2011, ISBN 978-983-862-504-4, page xxiv. Also in Iraq: Genocide by Sanctions, same publisher, ISBN 978-983-861-503-7, page xxvi.
[2] Scherrer, pages xxi–xxii.
[3] Israeli paper Maariv 21.7.1971.
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By piotrbein