Canada: when B’nai Brith whistles, the RCMP jumps

Arthur Topham, publisher of the Radical Press website, was arrested on May 16, 2012, at 11:30 am on the Barkerville Highway near Quesnel, B.C., put in handcuffs and taken to jail. Apparently, Arthur’s home had been staked out for quite some time by the RCMP.
The warrant for his arrest read “commission of hate crimes” and was endorsed by Arthur’s special “friends” and professional denunciators Richard Warman and Harry Abrams of B’nai Brith, Canada.
What the Canadian Hate Crimes Tribunal failed to do, seems to have been a cinch for Rich and Harry, law or no law. In Canada, when B’nai Brith whistles, the RCMP jumps.
While in jail, Arthur’s house was raided and his computer equipment confiscated, including all his files. During the raid, Shasta, Arthur’s wife, wasn’t allowed into her home for 9 hours. Once the RCMP had taken what they wanted — we wonder where the bugs are now hidden — and finished questioning Arthur, he was released at 11:00 pm.
Arthur is now back home again, but prohibited from sending ANY emails or expressing any opinions about the issues all too familiar to us. In other words, freedom of speech, which he so passionately fights for, has now been stymied by unconstitutional summersaults, technically and “legally” muzzling him, for the time being. Without compunction, might is right in Canada.
Arthur advises NOT to send him any emails, since those would only wind up at the RCMP instead. What Arthur would like to have send to him — by snail mail etc. — is money, since he is — always has been — chronically broke. It would help to defray some of the legal expenses he will now incur. Arthur has asked Doug Christie, prominent defense lawyer in the Ernst Zündel case, for legal assistance and Doug agreed to help him without hesitation. He is one in a million!
During the last 14 years Arthur has literally spent tens of thousands of hours, and God only knows how much energy, sleepless nights and missed opportunities for personal advancement, in defense of our right to free speech and the exposure of vital truths, to the benefit and enlightenment of us all. That’s unselfishness at it’s best and I think it deserves some signs of appreciation.
So, please, kindly express them.
Hans Krampe
May 17, 2012, Quesnel, B.C. Canada
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