Toward war in Syria

With the UN toward Escalation

DAMASCUS/BERLIN (Own report) – Berlin should use the UN observer
mission in Syria to urge Russia and China to be more aggressive in
opposition to the Assad regime within the UN framework, insist German
government advisors. According to a recent publication of the German
Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP), the UN
observers’ mission in Syria can be expected to fail. Experience,
however, shows that such a failure could pave the way to open
intervention. It is strongly recommended that the Federal Republic of
Germany also “engage personnel.” The German government is in fact
preparing to make the decision to deploy German soldiers in Syria,
with one officer active already in the country for a UN mission. While
Berlin is considering a more aggressive intervention against Damascus,
the press reports that Syrian insurgents are in Kosovo receiving
instruction in methods of insurgency – apparently in full sight of the
German troops stationed there. In addition, two Arab allies of
Germany, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, are exacerbating the Syrian civil war
by arming the rebels. The same holds true for the former Libyan
insurgents , bombed into power last year by NATO – and with whom
Berlin is also seeking cooperation.

By piotrbein