Merkel — banksters' lapdog

PB: Merkel is just a lapdog of the banksters and the J-complex in general
On 22-May-12, at 11:46 AM, Rodney Atkinson wrote:
A German sums up the anti Merkel line: Lesson: The Germans are not as stupid or as eurofanatical as their leaders. Just like the British. I have translated the following letter from Dr Hans Penner to German MPs. He is not an economics expert but he clearly understands far more than any German politician – and certainly more than the purblind Merkel who is driving Europe to destruction.
Dipl.-Chem. Dr. rer. nat. Hans Penner, Linkenheim-Hochstetten 22.05.2012
To the Members of the German Parliament
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
The recent election in NorthRheinWestphalia must be seen as a referendum on Mrs Merkel’s European policy. Only 15% of those entitled to vote voted for that policy.
1. The calls by Mrs Merkel for savings and cuts are a deceit. Under her Government Germany’s National Debt rose and to support other corrupt states it is to rise by a further 190 billion Euros.
2. Mrs Merkel wants to transfer German budget sovereignty to a non controllable foreign fiscal authority. That is against the German Constitution.
3. Mrs Merkel wants to abolish the Federal Republic of Germany and integrate it into a centrally controlled European State which will be characterised by a Fisal dictatorship. This is also against the German Constitution.
4. Mrs Merkel seeks to burden Germany with the debts of ccorrupt European States. This is against the terms of the Maastricht Treaty.
5. Mrs Merkel’s contention that taking on such a liability would further economic growth is an illusion.
6. Mrs Merkel is splitting Europe into a Euro Europe and a non Euro Europe she is thereby driving a wedge between Germany and Great Britain.
7. Mrs Merkel’s policies have caused political chaos in Greece and extreme anti-Germanism.
8. Greek elections have totally rejected Mrs Merkel’s European policies.
9. French elections have totally rejected Mrs Merkel’s European policies.
10. Mrs Merkel shows despotic tendencies and ignores the warnings of experts and economists.
Christian Democrat politicians have been mislead by Mrs Merkel and have no idea what the anti democratic and authoritarian ESM (European Stability Mechanism) actually means. Let us hope there are sufficient MPs who will understand and vote against the ESM.
Yours etc
Hans Penner

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