Axis Berlin-Belgrade-Moscow

Axis Berlin-Belgrade-Moscow
BELGRADE/BERLIN (Own report) – The newly elected Serbian president
Tomislav Nikolić, is offering Berlin an exclusive cooperation within
the framework of German-Russian cooperation. Nikolic, a nationalist,
with roots in the extreme right and good contacts to Moscow, declared
that his country could serve as a manufacturing site for German
companies to re-export their goods to Russia at reduced customs
tariffs. Germany would “not need the EU” for this form of eastern
cooperation. Serbia is one of German companies’ favorite sites in
Eastern and Southeastern Europe. While the Serbian population is
sinking into poverty – almost 25 percent are unemployed, hundreds of
thousands of workers have to content themselves with a monthly minimum
wage of 150 Euros – most German companies are registering an
increasing profit. Observers are not expecting a change in the
economic framework due to the change of government. The newly elected
Serbian President’s party is collaborating with the extreme rightwing
German nationalist Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ).

By piotrbein