Truly bombshell science here, a must-read story if you hope to have a genetic future. Red alert about long-term threat of synthetic chemicals:
Here’s my video interview filmed today with Dr. David Crews, the lead author of the study on epigenetics transgenerational inheritance:
Fukushima update: Tokyo soil so contaminated with radiation it would be considered nuclear waste under U.S. regulations:
The long-dreaded GM superweeds have arrived, and they are obliterating farms:
Here are some natural ways to purify your indoor air using plants and more:
There’s some good news on the health freedom front! Sen. Dick Durbin’s amendment that would have destroyed the supplements industry was voted down in the Senate:
At almost the same time, US Senator Rand Paul introduced a surprise amendment to end FDA raids on raw milk farmers, disarm the FDA (take away the agency’s guns) and restore freedom of speech to supplements and medicinal herbs. Here’s his inspiring speech which specifically mentions raw milk raids:
When it came time to vote on the Rand Paul amendment, not a single Democrat supported it. Surprised? Eighty percent of U.S. Senators are now, on the record, enemies of real food, farm freedom, nutritional supplements and medicinal herbs:

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