NaturalNews 27.5.2012

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(Warning: Today’s news is a bit graphic. Reader discretion advised…)
The long-dreaded “zombie apocalypse” has begun in Miami, where police shot a naked, mindless man who was literally feeding off the face of another naked man.
After being shot, the zombie continued to feed, requiring the police to shoot him a second time. CBS Miami reports:
“Miami police shot and killed a man on the MacArthur Causeway Saturday afternoon, and police sources told CBS4 they had no choice: the naked man they shot was trying to chew the face off another naked man, and refused to obey police orders to stop his grisly meal. …Officers found one man gnawing on the face of another, in what one police source called the most gruesome thing he’d ever seen.”
I’ve writte a full account of the “zombification of America” in today’s feature story:
“Zombification” is the result of vaccine damage, aspartame damage, fluoride damage, psychiatric drug damage and street drug damage to the human brain. But how can you protect yourself from all the brain-damaging chemicals in our world?
One solution might be astaxanthin, the world’s most powerful neuroprotective supplement. It’s called “the King of the carotenoids,” and protects fat tissues throughout your body (your brain is mostly fat and water). Today I’ve published an update on astaxanthin and linked to our recommended sources:
Speaking of the brain, did you know that gardening can cure depression? Here’s why:
And here are five ways to protect your brain from Alzheimer’s disease using natural foods and nutritional therapies:
And on this Memorial Day weekend in the U.S., NaturalNews wishes to honor all the veterans who have protected this nation from all enemies, both foreign and domestic, and yet are being abused and abandoned by the VA hospital system:

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