English Euro2012 team to prepare for Auschwitz by hearing two 'survivors'

English team to prepare for Auschwitz by hearing two ‘survivors’

PB: Why bother? They will be surrounded by millions of Holocaust survivors – the Poles, one of the most numerous victims of the Holocaust, a Jewish Zionist German crime on more than 20 groups, of which the Slav nations have been the biggest. But given all the lies and manipulations now in place at Auschwitz, it’s understandable… Auschwitz was the death camp for German, Polish, Soviet prisoners, in that chronological order, 2 years before first transports of Jews arrived at Birkenau, a sub-camp of Auschwitz. But the Judeocentrics have over the years appropriated the WHOLE of Auschwitz and the WHOLE multi-group Holocaust for their exclusive Holocaust Religion, at the expense of the memory of all the other, more numerous groups.

By piotrbein