America's Total War

America’s Total War

Published: 4 June, 2012, 17:17, Edited: 4 June, 2012, 17:17
President Obama promised change, but there’s little of it in his war
policies, which are harsher than those of George W. Bush.  US drone bombings
often target not just “terrorists” but all “military-age males in a strike
zone as combatants.”
“Unless there is explicit posthumous intelligence proving otherwise”, that
As an extensive recent report in The New York Times explains, for all
practical purposes Obama is applying what can best be described as a Total
War Doctrine, bringing government, military and media propaganda PsyWar
under one strategy.
The concept of “Total War” – war involving not just the military but all
civilians irrespective of age or sex, together with the entire
infrastructure of a country – became a horrible reality during the 20th
century, driven for the most part by steering scientific discoveries and
technological progress towards unlimited use in warfare.  Total War is very
much alive today and is being spearheaded by the United States and its
This is being abetted on all fronts by US, European and global mainstream
media that willingly oblige.  In the case of Obama’s Total War Doctrine, the
media go along with US official policy, and describe the murder of innocent
people who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when
American democracy-building drone bombs fall, as “militant combatants”.
You see, Total War requires intense and constant psychological warfare to
convince public opinion – both at home and abroad – that “our boys” fighting
“to spread peace and democracy”, always do the “the right thing” by killing
“the right people” who threaten America, Europe, Israel and the rest of the
West; in other words, by only killing “militant terrorist combatants”.
That’s the way Orwellian Newspeak has described US-led wars since 1945 –
whether fought by the US alone, or together with allies like Britain, EU
countries and Israel, or by puppet proxies.  The list is very long: Korea,
Vietnam, Panama, Dominican Republic, Palestine, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan,
Libya, Iran, Africa, South America, Cambodia, Laos, Cuba, El Salvador,
Falklands, Nicaragua, Grenada, Serbia…The death-toll runs into the tens of
millions and has kept rising and rising.
Who’s next? Syria, Iran? Sudan? North Korea? Venezuela? After 9/11, things
went from bad to worse.
The world today is confronted with a Super-Power hegemon increasingly
out-of-control that harbors a small, compact and extremely powerful group of
Global Power Masters embedded deep inside US/UK/EU public and private power
structures, controlling unbeatable navies and air forces, super high-tech
troop armies, unmanned drones, military satellites, napalm, cluster and
bunker-buster bombs, electronic surveillance, and secret weaponry like the
unexplained HAARP installations.
Add to this, the tens of thousands of ballistic missiles and nuclear bombs
pointed at target countries by the small Western nuclear club – the US, UK,
France and Israel – and things start looking bleak indeed.
All of it is backed by unlimited funding – both official and clandestine –
in the US and Allies. And when money falls short, well… there are always
“other means and sources”…Which is when spook agencies launder and recycle
trillions of drug, arms and organized crime monies to finance covert and
illegal operations; or when top officials engineer Iran-Contra type deals…
It all adds up to “America’s Total War” policy. Not total war against any
one specific country, but against ALL countries the US, UK, France and
Israel believe support “terrorists”, or that have sovereign national
governments they don’t like, or – more pragmatically – countries blessed
with huge oil, gas, mining, water and food reserves that the Exxons, BPs,
Monsantos, Chevrons and Barrick Golds want to lay their grubby hands on,
only to then recycle trillion-dollar profits through JPMorganChase, Goldman
Sachs, CitiCorp, HSBC, Deutsche Bank…
America’s Total War Machine costs trillions of US, UK and European taxpayer
dollars and euro, to which we must add further trillions created out of thin
air by the Federal Reserve and European Central Banks’ printing presses,
which further erode the dollar and the euro so that, in the end, the whole
world ends up paying the bill for America’s Total War through currency
America’s Total War on Terror is fought everywhere, against everyone, and
has no end in sight.
Those tens of millions of naïve Americans and Europeans who thought Obama
could change things ushering in a “kinder, gentler world”, should look
again: when it comes to US foreign policy, there never was and there never
will be any real difference between Republicans and Democrats.
So, if you happen to be just walking down the streets of some town in
Pakistan or Afghanistan, and by chance stroll by a US “terrorist target” and
you’re killed by a drone bomb, you are no longer a “civilian casualty”;
you’re not even “collateral damage” anymore!  Because – Presto! – the Obama
Total War Doctrine has just turned you into a “militant terrorist
Naturally, when drone attacks kill 30, 40 or 100 civilians the US officially
brand as “militant terrorists”, they know full well that they haven’t got a
clue whom they’re murdering: it could be a local pizza delivery boy, or a
milkman, or a high school student, or a newspaper vendor or… what the
heck!!Simply brand him/her a “militant terrorist combatant” and close the US
Military’s briefing report.  The Western media will anyway obediently report
that more “militant terrorists” were just killed in America’s Total War on
Terror (or Britain’s, or the EU’s, or Israel’s…).
And don’t you dare say that the Obama Doctrine carries no US
Stars-and-Stripes style Justice: because should it later be “posthumously
proven” that you we not a militant terrorist but just some guy walking his
dog, then America might re-label you as a “civilian casualty”, or even
“collateral damage”.  Gosh, I’m feeling better already!!
When the US went into Global Total War on Terrorism mode, these inhuman,
hypocritical, criminal, deadly and lying tactics became an integral part of
Western-style “democracy” unleashed on our troubled world.
Today, billions of people are wondering where all this is taking us; when
will it stop?
The key question is: how can we stop a group of immensely powerful countries
that are way out-of-control?  If we are ever to achieve some partial peace,
we must first put an end to today’s Total War.
Adrian Salbuchi for RT
Adrian Salbuchi is a political analyst, author, speaker and radio/TV
commentator in Argentina.

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