Outrageous Thought of the Day: Nuclear Hypocrisy

Outrageous Thought of the Day: Nuclear Hypocrisy

Tracy: Dear Piotr, I found this article, I keep coming across references to DU and
Hawaii, this one says the center of the Big Island is contaminated:
Most articles seem to list Iraq 1991 as the first place DU was used.
Somewhere, about 18 months ago, I read that the US gave Israel DU tank
and artillery shells. My mind wants to think the article said the
6-Day War (1967), which is why they won so many battles against a
bigger army, David with a DU stone in a sling hitting Goliath in the
forehead. I cannot now find any reference to anything about Israel and
DU except Gaza. A DU dirty bomb in warfare in 1967? It would not
surprise me.
I gave two shills hell, I will say no more about that except to say
what I did would make you all laugh. They don’t like the truth being
disseminated and they don’t like being exposed as the shills they are.
You don’t need to answer this, but if you ever hear of DU being used
by Israel way before 1991 I’d like to know. Best of Luck to you

PB: Rokke mentions Israel’s first use of DU, so does Lauren Moret and myself in a few papers
I commented on Holloway under the article, not yet appeared:

What a spiritual transformation! Have you inhaled a spoonful of DU dust, Robert?
The same Robert Holloway who trolled, misinformed and tried provocations on DU-Watch when I was a moderator there? About 2004 – go to the archives, folks. Is he posing to gain your trust before doing a disinfo stunt?
I wrote about Pentagon/nuclear lobby spooks like him:
Read his postings and judge for yourself:
or his agitprop:

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