ALARM: InfoWars duped by hasbara re Polish plane "crash" at Smolensk 2010

PB: Negligent in Polish affairs, InfoWars contradicts itself. If Poland stood in the way of the banksters, why would Russia want to down the plane filled with Polish VIPs?
A more sensible analysis of the politics of the “accident”.
Likely, Russia was done in: false flag attack on their territory, a plane of Russian make and retrofit, using explosives or weapons stolen from Russia, possible co-laboration of a Russian counterpart of Judeo-Masonic CIA/Mossad/MI6, who also control Polish intelligence and government.
Lame investigations have not proven Russian villainy. In my opinion, the Judeocentric Power Complex (JPC) has done it. Russia would be foolish to do it, didn’t have any motive. An “official” version of the crash was known immediately (like Bin Laden for 9/11) and Western media immediately echoed it. Neither NATO (it was a military, i.e. NATO plane), UE nor US has helped with the investigation, while a pseudo-Polish parliamentarian Macierewicz sought help with …Judeocentric US congressmen who helped cover up 9/11!
Alex Jones’ people should stay away from political topics they hardly understand and can’t document convincingly. Useful idiots in Poland will be delighted… Fools at InfoWars show a propaganda video that has little ground in reality. If Russian agents indeed liquidated any survivors of the “crash”, would they allow the person to make a film and escape?
Without a significant presence of Russian intelligence in Poland, it would not be possible to plan and carry out the “crash”. No such presence is left over in Polish structures, after all agents either crossed to the Poland’s new masters (Judeo-Masonic “EU” and US-NATO), or retired if they didn’t wish to switch. The Russian villainy, seen in most any evil in the new Poland, is a hoax, disinformation and a myth propagated by the Judeo-Masonic propaganda (hasbara), significantly via the Polish Catholic media! Poland’s corrupt (and many Judeocentric) politicians go along with it to retain power, like anywhere else.
InfoWar’s piece incites Russophobia in Poles and globally, prepares the public for a provocation engineered for June 12 in Warsaw with participation of some imported “Antifa” — a specialty of “Polish” Russophobe, Zbig Brzezinsky. Sensible Polish patriots are warning not to go out on June 12, for the possibility of a bloody provocation. The JPC has often fooled the Poles to fight for “your and our liberty” i.e. the banksters liberty to rob and enslave nations. The saddest of these have been Polish  resurrections against the oppressors of Poland with whom the banksters co-laborated against Poles specifically. In WWII, the Allies left Poland helpless to Hitler, and after the war – to Stalin, according to JPC plans. The same JPC (Brzezinsky played a key role, again) subverted initially genuine Polish patriotic Solidarity movement and corrupted it with Judeocentrics, sent the best activists abroad and implanted their agent, Lech Walesa. InfoWars pick-up that note, by referring to Poles’ patriotism, pride, love of freedom etc. How stupid can one get! Obviously, a provocation is being prepared against Russia, using Poles, again. In the process, Polish patriots will be rounded up and totalitarian rule tightened in Poland, one of EU’s worst barracks.
InfoWars is silent about a “crash” at Mirosławiec a few years earlier, of a US-made military plane CASA, filled with Polish military brass – the patriotic independent commanders of the strong Polish army that was substantially weakened by the JPC to obey NATO dictates.
InfoWars’ piece is an ugly contribution to the PsyOp aiming at inciting Poles against Russians — an old goal of the Judeocentrics. It proves that useful idiots are found not only in Poland.
The technical topic itself, of the assasination at Smolensk, is vast. If you don’t read Polish, stay away from it and from Polish politics — don’t become a useful idiot. If you do read Polish, here it is:
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By piotrbein