One lie corrected in a sea of lies – Poland's regime should go

One lie corrected in a sea of lies – Poland’s regime should go

Open letter to the Consul General of the Republic of Poland in New York
At the medal award to Jan Karski, was President Obama’s error “Polish death camps” accidental, or an attempt to paint Poles as fascist, racist anti-Semites, as done by “BBC” for Euro2012? The peaceful celebration of Polish Independence Day (11.11.2011) was an occasion for Poland’s regime to denigrate them as “fascists and nationalists”, to let in foreign provocateur squads (German Antifa). Under police protection, thugs posing as security hunted Poles down, but the victims went to jail! The Ambassador and Consul have not protested.
Poland should demand a disclosure as to who wrote the text for the President to read. A recent open letter reveals that, with US President’s and Polish officials’ participation, hypocrisy and historical lies surround award of the medal. Poles know why… both regimes are lackeys of the Judeocentric Power Complex (JPC).
President of a country most criminal in the JPC wars that ruin and enslave nation after nation, that lie to the globe while killing civilians deliberately from drones, awards a medal symbolic of freedom and struggle with oppression.
President of a country run by the Zionists of the Israel Lobby awards a medal to someone, whose message the Zionists blocked in WWII, because it ran against their genocidal designs for a Jewish state.
The Consul, Ewa Junczyk-Ziomecka, has dubious allegiance. After a 70 years’ ban imposed on Bnai Brith in pre-war Poland, she greeted the exclusively Jewish (unlike all the other Freemasons) lodge in Warsaw in 2007, on behalf of Poland’s Judeocentric President Kaczyński. Bnai Brith is an essential part of the racist, intolerant, genocidal JPC. Yet, her Consulate’s press release quotes the US President on tolerance and understanding. The Consul’s CV includes work in Otwarta Rzeczpospolita (a denigrating error in Rzeczypospolita) that censors and intimidates those who expose JPC, and pins “anti-Semite” labels on them, including the critics of the genocidal Zionist regime. Currently she serves Poland’s Judeocentric regime of Premier Tusk and President Komorowski.
According to Poland’s Ambassador Robert Kupiecki, Karski exposed one of humankind’s greatest crimes. The Mongolian hordes in 11th-13th centuries, and the European powers since 14th century in Americas, have committed the largest ever genocides. 5 to 6 million Iraqis have died (the size of the Shoah) due to criminal abuse of UN sanctions by US and UK, death squads, induced sectarian strife, and the effects of uranium weapons.
The Polish authorities stand neither for Polish national interest nor for humanity, and should go. Disgracefully, that they use Obama’s “correction” to legitimize collaboration with the world’s greatest evil! The Consul advocates Pole-Jew solidarity under lies and misrepresentations of history. Skewing Holocaust truth is a crime – are Polish officials exempt from it? The top Nazis were Jewish Zionists aided by the banker Jewry who also financed the Bolsheviks (arch-enemies of Poles), most of whom were extreme Jews. International Zionists collaborated with the Nazis, and, for a Zionist state, colluded in exterminating “6 million Jews” unwanted in Palestine. More recently, the Zionists put Israeli procreation at risk by using radioactive weapons on their neighbours.
An emotional trip is needed for Poles to embrace Israeli immigrants before US-Israeli war with Iran, and/or using Poles for the war cannon fodder? Unfortunately, this is not the sort of assimilated and impoverished Orthodox Jews that Poles have saved in WWII, under death penalty, from annihilation prepared by the Zionists. They are the same sort extreme Jews who have annihilated our nation in WWII from the Soviet and Nazi sides, as well as under post-WWII Judeo-communism.
There will be no reconciliation of Pole and Jew if the Jewish nation does not admit group responsibility for the crimes against Poles, does not apologize sincerely, does not compensate us materially, does not affect liquidation of books, curricula and museums that belie Holocaust, does not re-educate Jews raised in anti-Polonism… There will be no reconcilation if fraudulent claims to supposed Jewish property in Poland don’t stop.
Holocaust is the tragedy of more than 20 groups, not just the Jews, who suffered neither exceptional nor the largest losses in Shoah that started more than 2 years later than WWII extermination of the other groups. The Zionists’ foundation of Israel is a disturbing aftermath of Shoah, a generator of genocide in the region and an excuse for genocidal wars for “Israel’s security”.
Yet, President Obama announced the medal award at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum that emphasizes the Shoah. He did it on the Holocaust Day that focuses on Shoah, at the expense of the other groups. Judeocentrics want to be perceived as the Holocaust victims, while their kin, the Jewish Nazi and global Zionists masterminded and carried out the Holocaust and Shoah with German and other hands, on Poles as one of the most numerous victim. Jews in the Judeocentric-led, Soviet NKVD perpetrated the WWII intellicide against Poles (Katyn Crime). Post-WWII Judeo-communists  jailed, tortured and murdered hundreds of thousands Poles who had fought Nazis and Soviets alike.
Karski’s deeds have also concentrated on Shoah, although Polish-Government-in-Exile report mentions mass extermination of Poles from the beginning of Nazi occupation in September 1939. His achievements are nowhere near those of Captain Witold Pilecki, whose information gathered in Auschwitz Karski has brought to the West. Yet, the Polish authorities and the US President chose Karski over Pilecki. They did it because Pilecki has documented non-Jewish victims at Auschwitz. Zionists are “lucky” – they know how many Jews perished in Shoa, and in whose hands! Poles still don’t know what happened to some 2 million citizens of pre-WWII Poland.

Dr Piotr Bein, independent genocide scholar and publicist (Canada and Poland)

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