We don't trust you!

From a forum under an article on supposed safety of Fukushima

PissedOffAmerican | May 24, 2012 at 03:21

“But I ask again what is the relevance to the current discussion about Alvarez’s end-of-the-world claims?”
Credibility, of course. Those of us unschooled in nuclear science cannot draw our conclusions from anything other than the basic assurances of the industry. In this respect, Fukushima is a firestorm of bad PR for you guys. Eenie, meenie, miney moe, who are we to trust? It isn’t just the nuclear aspect of it, its the “bigness” of it. Fossil, wind, sun, nuclear, all HUGE corporate entities spending and putting obscene amounts of money on the line. And raking in even more obscene and unfathomable amounts. Will all these entities decieve, manipulate, lie, murder, bend regulations, engage in CYA at with every accident or catastrophe because of the huge amount of monies involved?? Of course they will, and they do.
Are we to consider the nuclear energy industrial entities any more honest or ethical than those such as BP, or Dow chemical, Coca Cola, etc? We just watched the lying conniving criminal corporation BP engage in their CYA. And now we have this disaster in Fukushima, that the majority of us believe we were assurred WOULD NEVER HAPPEN. So, now that its happened, you wanna tell us its no big deal, just like BP told us the gulf disaster was no big deal. Frankly, we just don’t believe you. Right or wrong, people like Alvarez, Gunderson, Caldicott are simply more believable at a gut level. We’ve been lied to by these global power players in the various energy sectors far too much, for far too long, far too often.
We don’t trust you, or the regulators that are becoming little more than advocacy organizations for the very industries they are supposed to protect us against.
Reread this thread. Citing polls with no apparent listed methodology compiled by a “research” company that has TEPCO as a client. Calling named Japanese officials “anonymous”. Citing IAEA inspections as a foundation of knowledge,when no such inspections, or reports of those inspections, seem to exist. Claiming official IAEA statements do not exist because you failed in your attempt to locate those existing statements. Calling us “idiots”, “trolls”, “ignoramuses”.
How does that instill trust that when you tell us that Alvarez or Gunderson is lying, or exagerating? That we should take your word above theirs??? I haven’t got time to immerse myself in nuclear science. I’m a finish carpenter, for God’s sakes. You guys have three reactors in a state of meltdown, and we the public have a head full of decades of of fearmongering and hype about China Syndrome, birth defects, the silent killer, cancer, etc. blahblahblahblah. So you tell me, who is the public going to gravitate towards??? And when one of us seeks you out, on your own internet turf? Well, read this thread.
And in closing, please understand that I am rural, on dial-up, with an aged computer. I can’t see videos, podcasts, etc. Its not rare for a site to take five or ten minutes to load, and its also not rare for a site to freeze the computer. For me to do searches, or follow some of the links, is cumbersome and time consuming. I don’t do it because I want to ignore the truth, or “troll” a website. Like I said, I’m embarrassed for you guys. If you don’t have the common sense to tell someone like DV or Brian to stuff a cork in it, then really I don’t see where you get off trying to tell me that you are anymore credible than Gunderson or Alvarez, who don’t seem to have the sense to tell some of their more rabid followers to STFU either.

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