Dear Akio Matsumura

I have just posted the following to former Ambassador Akio Matsumura’s pages.
Dear Akio Matsumura
National customs and partisan interests mustn’t lead to a global disaster!
Since the problem is global and life-threatening, the int’l community should lovingly work with the Japanese to solve/alleviate the problem. And I’m sure it would. E.g. Canadians don’t even think to ask Japan to clear the tsunami (radioactive) debris from Canada’s coast.
I suspect it’s not happening because it is NOT about face-saving in Japan and TEPCO, but in the global nuclear lobby. Otherwise UN, IAEA would have been negotiating with Japan to solve the problem effectively since the beginning of this, the biggest nuclear disaster in human history.
Instead, we have from the beginning cover-ups, “mistakes and errors”, huge “adjustements” to exposure standards and evacuation zones, straight lying, and suppression of official Fukushima pollution measurements globally.
The lobby has created a tight monopoly on science, information and mesurement/testing in the nuclear domain, so we people can do nothing about their cover-ups.

Dirty Uranium Weapons Cover-ups

How are we going to overcome this challenge?
Dr Piotr Bein
Canada and Poland
co-founder and moderator of DU-Watch

By piotrbein