Cynical Canadian politician fights nuclear "proliferation" by Iran!

How hypocritical… This is Judeocentric propaganda.
What does Iran have to do with it? Start with Israel.
I take away my support for your “non-proliferation” campaign, will post on my blog.
What are you going to do about the Fukushima nuclear contamination of Canadians since March 2011, never mind the globe and the nukes.
Piotr Bein
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Subject: New Democrats support a comprehensive nuclear weapons convention for Canada
Received: Tuesday, June 12, 2012, 8:37 PM
Thank you for contacting my office regarding the abolishment of nuclear weapons.
New Democrats share your concerns.  We have been consistent in our support for nuclear disarmament and we believe that the Conservative government needs to take a strong stance against nuclear proliferation. As you may know, on January 2, 2012, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists moved the Doomsday Clock one minute closer to midnight. The Doomsday Clock indicates how close humanity is to catastrophic destruction by monitoring the ways in which humanity can be destroyed. The clock’s primary indicator is nuclear weapons.  The clock is now at five minutes to midnight-which stands for destruction.  It is evident that nuclear arms continue to pose a significant threat to global security and this threat is becoming more urgent. It is time for the Conservative government to take action.
In December of 2010, New Democrats arranged all party support for a motion calling on the government to take the lead against nuclear proliferation and increased nuclear disarmament. Despite unanimous support from all political stripes, the Harper government has yet to show any leadership on this file.
Further, on May 28, 2012 NDP Foreign Affairs Critic, Paul Dewar renewed the NDP call for action on nuclear disarmament and raised this question in the House of Commons:
Mr. Paul Dewar (Ottawa Centre, NDP):
Mr. Speaker, as people around the world watch the negotiations with Iran over the issue of nuclear proliferation, Canadians want to know if the government is willing to take international leadership on nuclear disarmament.
A year and a half ago, the House unanimously endorsed a New Democrat motion to prevent nuclear proliferation and increase the rate of nuclear disarmament. When will the government implement the intent of that motion and take leadership on nuclear disarmament?
Hon. John Baird (Minister of Foreign Affairs, CPC):
Mr. Speaker, I share the concern of the member opposite about nuclear disarmament. I think the strongest measures we can take are on stopping nuclear proliferation. That is why what is going on in Iran causes us all such deep concern.
Before the P5+1 talks in Baghdad this past weekend, I had a long chat with Catherine Ashton, the high-level representative from the European Union. I spoke with her for more than half an hour after these meetings and offered Canada’s full support for these efforts.
If Iran obtains nuclear weapons, not only will it be a disaster for the Middle East and a disaster for the world, it will see the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, something I do not think any of us in the House want to see.
New Democrats believe a comprehensive nuclear weapons convention should be a top priority for Canada. Please be assured that we will continue to push the Conservative government to show international leadership on nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation of nuclear weapons.
Again, thank you for taking the time to contact my office.
Thomas Mulcair, M.P. (Outremont)
Leader of the Official Opposition
New Democratic Party of Canada
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By piotrbein