AFP Newsletter 27.6.2012

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Nationalism Surges
Despite a worldwide smear campaign against it, Greece’s nationalist Golden Dawn party managed a strong turnout in the June 17 elections and actually moved up a notch in popularity. Their vote share remained at 7% proving that, even with all the fear mongering and attacks, Greeks were not deterred.
The ‘Richest Jew in the World’ Funds Efforts to Oust Obama
Those who want to see Barack Obama out of the White House have a tough, no-holds-barred ally in Las Vegas-and Israel-based billionaire gambling tycoon Sheldon Adelson, who some call “the modern-day Meyer Lansky,” recalling the longtime head of the national crime syndicate.
History’s Worst Spy?
When Israeli President Shimon Peres came to the U.S. to collect his Medal of Freedom Award from Barack Obama, he brought with him a petition he’d received on behalf of convicted spy Jonathan Pollard. Purportedly signed by more than 75K supporters, the petition states: “Out of great fear for Jonathan’s health and out of a desire to see him live out the remainder of his life as a free man, we are asking you to employ your extraordinary diplomatic skills and your close relationship to President Obama to work . . . without delay for the immediate release of Jonathan.”

By piotrbein