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[ok.19.6.2012] Najnowszy n-r tygodnika “Nie” publikuje art. o książce “Najświętsze trzy hostie”. Trzeba kupić egz. – nie ma tego w internecie. Ponadto polecam lekturze lokalny dodatek “GW”. Serdeczny uścisk dłoni łączę.
28.6.2012 – Właśnie dostałem wezwanie na Policję na 2 lipca, z powodu wydania książki “Najświętsze trzy hostie” Mieczysława Noskowicza. Zarzut:
Art. 256 Kodeksu karnego
§ 1. Kto publicznie propaguje faszystowski lub inny totalitarny ustrój państwa lub nawołuje do nienawiści na tle różnic narodowościowych, etnicznych, rasowych, wyznaniowych albo ze względu na bezwyznaniowość,
podlega grzywnie, karze ograniczenia wolności albo pozbawienia wolności do lat 2.
Art. 257 Kodeksu karnego
Kto publicznie znieważa grupę ludności albo poszczególną osobę z powodu jej przynależności narodowej, etnicznej, rasowej, wyznaniowej albo z powodu jej bezwyznaniowości lub z takich powodów narusza nietykalność cielesną innej osoby,
podlega karze pozbawienia wolności do lat 3.
Serdeczny uścisk dłoni łączę.
Zbyszek Rutkowski

This pen is getting ready for an annual coast-to-coast iron horse exploration. Thus, only a few fast minutes can be allotted for this sharing. It verifies that your geographical area is not unique. Itâs a lesson on why there are neokonski wars and the eradication of habeas corpus. Itâs sad, to say the least.
Recently an unusual book was reprinted in Central Europe. Apparently its ancient bombastic ranting about rituals has caused journalistic and legal controversy. The book was composed by a Mr. Mieczyslaw Noskowicz.
If I recall correctly, one of Pan Noskowiczâs printings of his  Three Hosts (Trzech Hostii)  was 1926. The 2012 reprint was under the direction of a  Mr. Zbigniew Rutkowski. Essentially the work pertains to alleged historical activities of a certain element. The book was first published in the city of Poznan (as noted, nearly 100 years ago!).
On one side of this psychological hocus-pocus is the media and Justice Department. Judicial prudence has made statements indicating that the book should be banned. The legal mumbo jumbo occurred after complaints emanating from a network of what appears to be Sayamin keyboards.
On the other side, facing this Mickey Mouse hypocrisy, are herds of sheeple. This group, of common and decent folk, has insignificant clout within the magic kingdom termed democracy, where $$$ and guns represent the interests of elite. Here the common homo sapien’s concern is obviously freedom of the pen.
Rather than express any personal opinions, public newspaper replies about inhibiting free speech will be transliterated into English. The selection chosen for this endeavor will derive from one source. The reason for this is because rhetoric appears to be representative of what is appearing in non-monopolistic media. Obviously, due to the merit of several pages, only the meat and potatoes will be served, in a reduced portion.
There is the hope that those reading this humble support for free communique will ponder why any factor would seek to hinder open discussion, freedom of speech and/or desire to eliminate the disclosing of historical writings that were discovered nearly a century ago. Enjoy this transliteration with the comprehension that actual feelings by various individuals are more than a mere sample of phobic networking.
Oh, my personal take could possibly oscillate around three factors (if I were deeply interested): (1) If such horrendous Z deeds actually took place against general society, it was long ago; (2) Certainly all members of any entity should not be placed in the realm of fault; and (3) Ancient or historical thoughts should not be banned by governments and censorship hypothetically representing the majority.
Globalism- comments from a mainstream newspaper
Note:  Sorry, but in my rush at packing for a trip, I forgot the title from that Poznan newspaper (Gazeta wyborcza – Poznan). Sorry for the neglect. These few minutes are merely to denote the farce pertaining to open communique and (2) public reaction.
Generally mass concern(s) and pertinent news can be simply blackballed. Itâs a miracle the material got by proofreaders.  Fact: Neocon wars and other similar restrictions on freedom of speech are sayamin tools, often utilized to stifle freedom.
Communistic symbols are allowed to be worn on the chest. 
Re: sierp i młot wolno nosić na piersiach
Autor: czarnyhs 08.06.12, 14:50

Communistic symbols are allowed to be worn on the chest. We have been informed of this by the Ministry of Justice. However, a reprint of a 100 year old book is not allowed⌠is this  totalitarianism, on the road to our Green Island?

Does this bring about a hate towards Zyds? Does it break the law?

Nawołuje do nienawiści wobec Żydów? Łamie prawo?
Autor: czarnyhs 08.06.12, 10:59

> symbole komunistyczne wolno otwarcie obnosić na piersiach, o czym informuje Min 
> ister Sprawiedliwości, a reprintu książki sprzed 100 lat nie wolno… czy to ju 
> ż PRL, czy totalitaryzm dopiero w drodze do naszej “zeilonej wyspy”? 

Reduced meat of other comments-

Autor: Gość: q IP: * 08.06.12, 12:2

Such behavior is really funny. Using an historical book in the name of politics? Such actions will be opposite. Before a holiday, a free advertisement? I think Iâll buy the book.

Takie działania są naprawdę śmieszne. Żeby zakazywać historycznej książki w imię poprawności politycznej?! Przecież takie działania mają dokładnie odwrotny skutek. A przy okazji świetna , darmowa reklama. Chyba kupię sobie tą książkę.

Paranoia -Where in the country is freedom of speech? You can speak about everyone, but Zyds. How come? I should buy this book (while itâs still able to be purchased), cuz soon itâll be shown to be dangerous. Unfortunately, remember, such history has a place in Poznan. I donât like this attack upon this book. In the end, do we live in a free country?

Autor: Gość: krepy IP: * 08.06.12, 12:31

Gdzie w tym kraju wolność słowa? Na każdego można gadać ale nia na Żyda. Cóż widać -tylko pytanie dlaczego. Powiem tak sam zamówiłem tą książke (póki jeszcze jest w sprzedaży) bo zaraz sie okaże ze jest ona niebezpieczna. Niestety taka historia miała miejsce i w POZNANIU się o tym pamieta. Nagonka na książke mi sie bardzo nie podoba. W końcu podobno żyjemy w wolnym kraju …

Too much for extensive comment. The meat and potatoes is as follows-

Maybe the Justice Department wants to create a holistic inquisition. Perhaps the Justice Department wants to bring this to court and have a penalty for the publishers⌠

It’s all paranoia. This book, in simplicity, is a normal reprint; reprints are something done everywhere in the world, in the hundreds of thousands. Also, it’s a fragment of our history  -good or bad, but history. How come they don’t start an affair against the American journalist who publicly insinuated Poles murdered 3,000,000 Jews. 

Bringing up hate concerning Jews? This breaks the law!

Something very unusual has occurred! Gazeta has allowed comments where the Z word has appeared. This very seldom happens. 

When you write about Catholics, it’s voila! Maybe they’ll bring the Grimm Brothers before the court. After all, you can also find hate in their writings. To me this story presented by WERS is the same, a fairytale. And, for this, a criminal index is created, against the accused.

Expressing hatred towards Jews? This breaks the law?

On the margin -I read this book and it didn’t deepen my dislike of Jews, or correct anything in my eyes. Until they ask for forgiveness because of their NKVD, MBP and military information, for the maltreatment and the murder of thousands of Polish patriots (including my family because of their torture), and political murders, in this, the harms towards innocent peoples of Palestine      -nothing will change my opinion about their topic. This doesn’t prevent me from befriending some Jews. But these are normal people. I can’t comment about their background and also on many things we don’t agree. 

This kind of activity is funny. Legal action against an historical book and in the name of political correctness?! This will create the opposite results of what they seek. And before the holiday, free advertisement. Maybe I’ll buy this book for myself.

Next they’ll be burning books.

Where is the freedom of speech in this country? You can speak about everyone, but not the Jew. Why is this? I should order this book (while it’s still available) before the book becomes dangerous. Unfortunately, such history has a place in Poznan, I remember about this. I don’t like the attacks on this book. In the end do we live in a free country…

The hammer and sickle you can wear on your chest. It’s political correctness. Communist symbols can openly be worn on your chest, as informed by the Minister of Justice. The reprint of 100-year-old book is not permittedâŚ. Is this totalitarianism on the road to our Green Island?

If there’s a concern about negative Jewish emotion, a much bigger server on this field has been presented by Debbie Schlussel, the creator of absurd legends. Also, the Merchant of Venice should be under penalty.

From the fight with anti-Semitism to total censorship.
I think that in the era that the author Mieczyslaw Noskowicz wrote negatively about the taking of Christian blood, from kids, that a climate was created which resulted in pogroms⌠The killing of kids was perhaps very easy and so there was a fast reaction against them. 

Nevertheless, is there now this type of danger from a reprint  of a 1926 book (Trzech Hostii), by Mieczyslaw Noskowicz? It’s clear to me that the answer is no. Above all, because, the book shows an event that took place 600 years ago. In all probability this terrible and offensive event, committed by certain members of a religious group could cause a dislike for members of this group today. 
Even if there is a part of this book that does produce emotion in some of its readers, that doesn’t mean that they will be aggressive behavior. There won’t be any influence to cause people not to have control over themselves and they won’t kill Jews, because it won’t have such an effect on a healthy brain⌠Above all there was no evidence to show that the book by this author is dangerous.

The criminal code, art. 256, was not about factual harm but potential harm. It’s far from reality⌠The author goes on and on and he mentions that what’s in that book might be offensive… However, unfortunately, such material can be found in much literature. 

Should all these publications to be eliminated? The author refers to how Jews speak about Christ, Shakespeare, of how various ethnic groups speak about one another and about American blacks, about history and how Jews were considered a plague, referred to as parasites…

The author wonders how the world would look without the books of famous authors…

By piotrbein