Mercury in Vaccine PUSHERS Not Doing Well at UNEP

Mercury in Vaccine PUSHERS Not Doing Well at UNEP (4) – Despite Desperate Moves…
Opinion by Consumer Advocate  Tim Bolen 
Friday, June 29th,  2012
Two important DESPERATE attempts by the Vaccine PUSHERS  to stop UNEP from banning Thimerosal in Vaccines are not working.

The FIRST thing – On June 1st, 2012, the American Academy of Pediatrics, Big Pharma’s tip-of-the-spear Vaccine Front, began to almost beg its allies around the world to come to the assistance of the Vaccine Industry at the UNEP Mercury (4) meeting.
Why?  Because UNEP (4) has on its agenda the permanent banning of Thimerosal (deadly mercury) in vaccines – for all time.  The AAP issued a “Breaking News” report, whining, and whimpering even in the article’s title “Ban on all mercury-based products would risk global immunization efforts, says AAP, WHO”  They called upon all of their health agencies world wide to disseminate their message.
It is not readily known why the Vaccine Industry, and its connected US government agencies, want to keep DEADLY mercury in vaccines – but there are some strong suspicions along racial and ethnic lines.  When mercury was banned in US/Canadian childhood vaccines back in 2003/2004 all those heavily mercury laden pustule packages were dumped on the African continent, Arabia, and in Latin Central and South America.
And now, as we watch, those three areas of the world make up a significant, dominating, voting block at UNEP (4).  For some reason those groups (sarcasm intended) aren’t happy about the health effects those disability/death gob filled syringes (labeled “Vaccines”) are having on their population.
Big Pharma even brought in Bill Gates (snort) to speak on the subject.  Bill told everyone in the world, sternly, that mercury in vaccines was necessary, blah, blah, blah…  I’m told that one Delegates, after hearing of Bill’s speech commented “Now I know why when Microsoft comes out with a new Windows version it never works…”
The SECOND thing – This, you are not going to believe.  The World Health Organization (WHO), frankly just another Big Pharma Front, just before the UNEP (4) meeting in Punta Del Estes, Uruguay, issued a new (but not REALLY new) bulletin offering a “phase-down” of mercury in vaccines.
At UNEP (3)  WHO had arrogantly told the UNEP Delegates that they (WHO) would be the ones to decide “Health” issues, not UNEP, who they said, could only decide “Environmental” issues.  That got no where – and WHO walked out the door with their tail between their legs, assisted, I suspect, by a size sixteen African foot inside of an English Brogue shoe, worn by an Oxford graduate, or two.  Or fifty-two – for that’s how many African Delegates there are.
A “phase-down” of mercury in vaccines?  Yup.  Totally dependent, of course, according to them, on how fast all those African, Arabian and Latin countries can install adequate refrigeration to keep those vaccines cool (snort) so that they don’t need Thimerosal in them.
The mercury in vaccine pushers would have us all believe a whole lot of stupid arguments.  The vaccine apologists would have us all believe, for instance, that there are no refrigerators in Africa, Arabia, or Central and South America.  Funny, the last time I was in Central America I DO REMEMBER having ice in my glass, and I know I didn’t bring it with me in my suitcase.
The so-called “New Guidelines,” actually written in 2004, but JUST NOW brought forward EIGHT YEARS LATER, are called “Guidelines on regulatory expectations related to the elimination, reduction or replacement of thiomersal in vaccines.”  In short, I think, WHO has a new respect for size sixteen shoes.
However, it isn’t good enough.  Thimerosal (mercury) is going to get banned, not “phased-down.  Nobody at UNEP (4), it looks to me,  is smiling in friendship at the vaccine industry, nor its US or worldwide governmental agency minions.
Mark and David Geier, Despite Constant Assault, are Right There in Uruguay, Smacking Mercury in Vaccine Promoters…
I am really frustrated by the fact that I cannot, yet, write about certain things I know are going on in the attack on the Geiers spearheaded by the corrupt, and to me, inept, Maryland Board of Physicians.  I am old enough to remember the “Keystone Cops” movie clips – and Maryland fits this description.
The CoMeD team is very much on target.  Mark Geier, as the CoMeD representative, was part of the National Health Freedom Coalition, and, as such, asked for, and got, the congress to approve CoMeD’s Resolution to ban mercury in vaccines.  They took this “approval” to UNEP (4) and circulated it.  See below:

Protecting Humanity from Mercury-containing Drugs

Whereas, Thimerosal (synonyms include: Thiomersal, Merthiolate, Timerasol) is a severely toxic organic mercury compound1 (approximately 49.6 percent mercury by weight) that has been added to some vaccines and other pharmaceutical products since the 1930s2; and
Whereas, numerous peer-reviewed scientific/medical studies published over many decades, since the 1930s, have recommended stopping or restricting the use of Thimerosal in medicinal products and have demonstrated its significant toxicity3; and
Whereas, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommended, in 1982, that Thimerosal be banned from topical over-the-counter antiseptic and contraceptive products, and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and United States Public Health Service called for its removal from all vaccines in July of 1999, as did the Institute of Medicine of the United States National Academy of Sciences in 20014; and
Whereas, Thimerosal (mercury) still remains in some vaccines (including certain vaccines and the inactivated-influenza vaccine) and many other pharmaceutical products in the US, and the mercury content of several types of vaccines manufactured for use in developing nations has not been reduced5, and in both cases, remains well in excess of Federal Safety Guidelines; and
Whereas, the Environmental Protection Agency of the State of California officially declared6 that Thimerosal is a developmental toxin, meaning that it can cause birth defects, low birth weight, biological dysfunctions, and/or psychological or behavior deficits that become manifest as the child grows, and that maternal exposure during pregnancy can disrupt the development or even cause the death of the fetus (The State of California has banned administration of Thimerosal-preserved vaccines to young children and pregnant women7); and
Whereas, the public is given limited opportunity of informed consent in regard to these known risks of mercury exposure incurred through mandated injections and from many other pharmaceutical  products, both prescription and over-the-counter, including topical antiseptic solutions and antiseptic ointments for treating cuts, nasal sprays, eye solutions, vaginal spermicides, diaper rash treatments, and perhaps most importantly, as a preservative in vaccines and other injectable biological products, including immune globulin preparations; and
Whereas, while vaccines are promoted for the prevention of diseases, it is also important to guard against any unintentional harm through their administration. It is a violation of human life to inject poison into any being, especially a pregnant woman or a newborn baby; and
Whereas, there are some presently marketed vaccines and pharmaceutical products that use safe, effective, and economical methods to eliminate the need for Thimerosal (mercury) preservatives, thereby increasing the safety of vaccines and other drugs8; and
Whereas, two standards of drug safety: one of predominately mercury-free stocks, especially of vaccines, for the developed ‘Western’ countries, and another of predominately mercury-containing stocks, especially of vaccines, for the developing nations, disclose the injustice that characterizes this most iatrogenic of toxic exposures,
Therefore, be it resolved, that 2012 Health Freedom Congress supports all efforts to protect the public, especially children, from mercury-containing drugs by calling on the World Health Organization, international and national health officials/agencies, including the US Secretary of Health and Human Services, the US Food and Drug Administration and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee of the United Nations Environment Programme which is seeking to create a global legally binding instrument on mercury to:
¨       Immediately prioritize mercury-free stocks of vaccines and other pharmaceutical products for pregnant women, newborn infants and children;
¨       Provide “the opportunity of informed consent” and promote product education to individuals about mercury exposure through their pharmaceutical products or vaccines, detailing the known risks of toxicity and Federal Safety Guidelines for exposure to mercury; and
¨       Ban the addition of any mercury compound to the formulation of any and all human pharmaceutical drug products, including vaccines.
And be it further resolved, that, until the use of all forms of mercury (elemental, inorganic and organic) are banned from medicine, the medical missions, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and other facilities are strongly encouraged to stock and dispense only those vaccines and other drugs that contain no added mercury. Acknowledging the difficulties in some contexts, we strongly urge that organizations (e.g., the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations, United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Rotary International, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, who are responsible for any phase of any human vaccination program effort to prevent disease, join with 2012 Health Freedom Congress in the educating the public about, and advocating for, mercury-free human pharmaceuticals.
Stay Tuned…
Tim Bolen – Consumer Advocate

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