Assad to Kremlin: I can finish the revolt in two months, replaces army chiefs

PB: Debka is Israeli intelligence propaganda outlet. Its hasbara proves that Israel is in bed with “NATO” in the war on Syria. Debka demonizes Damaskus as an alleged genocidal regime, while being silent on the real genocide going on in Syria: that engineered by the Judeocentric Power Complex (JPC) and its minions in Washington, Brussels and the infiltrated Arab world, via hired thugs and extremists. “NATO” can hire and arm any bandits from anywhere, while Assad is not allowed to select his force and methods to fight them? USrael shoots unarmed civilians (militant terrorist combatants) in Pakistan from drones, while Assad can’t eliminate terrorists and JPC fitfth column in his own country? A scenario repeat from 1990’s Yugoslavia that was demonized and destroyed by the JPC. After all, democracy is people electing officials to defend their sovereignity and life… And hey, Israel and USrael! Aren’t we fighting Islamists globally?!
Debka presents casualties among the armed Islamist thugs (rebels) as civilian, adding them to the civilian victims (falsely attributed to Assad) of the “NATO” thugs!
The last paragraph would explain why the JPC is bound to destroy Iran: it is capable of neutralizing (with its missiles) “Western”, Turkish and other allied forces deployed in the region. Well, Debka, instead of this spin, show us the 1980’s Yinnon plan of Greater Israel and how neatly it fits into the “US” wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Syria and Iran.

Assad to Kremlin: I can finish the revolt in two months, replaces army chiefs

DEBKAfileExclusive Report July 2, 2012, 10:05 AM (GMT+02:00)

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Turkish military convoy heading for Syrian border

In a phone call to the Kremlin Sunday, July 1, Syrian President Bashar Assad said he needed just two months to finish off the revolt against his regime. “My new military tactics are working,” he said in a secret video-conference with Russian intelligence and foreign ministry officials who shape Moscow’s policy on Syria.
Reporting this exclusively, debkafile’s intelligence sources also register the fleeting life span of the new plan for ending the Syrian war which UN envoy Kofi Annan announced had been agreed at a multinational Action Group meeting in Geneva on Saturday, June 30. Within 24 hours, the principle of a national unity transitional government based on “mutual consent” was rejected by the regime and the Turkish-based opposition leaders alike, as the violence went into another month.
On the first day of July, 91 people were reported killed in the escalating Syrian violence after a record 4,000 in June.
The new military tactics to which Assad referred are disclosed here:
1.  The sweeping removal of most of the veteran Syrian army commanders who led the 16-month bloody assault on regime opponents and rebels. They were sent home with full pay to make way for a new set of younger commanders, most of them drawn from the brutal Alawite Shabiha militia, which is the ruling family’s primary arm against its enemies.
The regular commanders had shown signs of fatigue and doubts about their ability to win Assad’s war. Their will to fight on was being badly sapped by the mounting numbers officers and men going over to the opposition camp in June.
One of the tasks set the new commanders is to stem the rate of defections.
To keep the veteran commanders from joining the renegades and reduce their susceptibility to hostile penetration, the officers were not sacked but retired on full pension plus all the perks of office, including official cars.
2.  But a higher, unthinkable level of violence is the key to Assad’s “new tactics.” He has armed the new military chiefs with extra fire power – additional tank and artillery units, air force bombers and attack helicopters – for smashing pockets of resistance and unlimited permission to use it. Already the level of live fire used against the rebels has risen to an even more unthinkable level which explains the sharp escalation of deaths to an average of 120 per day.
On the Syrian-Turkish border, tensions continue to mount. Monday morning, Turkey was still pumping large-scale strength including tanks, antiaircraft and antitank guns, artillery, surface missiles and combat helicopters to the border region.
Saturday, half a dozen Turkish jets were scrambled to meet Syria helicopters approaching their common border.
In Tehran, Brig. Gen. Amir-Ali Hajizadeh, commander of Iran’s IRGC Aerospace Division, warned Ankara that if its troops ventured onto Syrian soil, their bases of departure would be destroyed. The threat was made during Hajizadeh’s announcement of a three-day missile exercise starting Monday in response to the European oil embargo.  He reported that long-, medium- and short-range missiles would target “simulations of foreign bases in the northern Semnan Desert,” without mentioning any specific nation except Turkey.

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