Serbs and Srebrenica

Karadzic was the Serbian Dmowski [Polish pre-WW2 patriotic politician]. He was a versatile and highly intelligent person. Moreover, Karadziec was a noble man. A professor, able to function in his regions lingos, he had, of course, mastered Russian and English. He even studied/taught in New York. Several years ago I composed articles on him that appeared in media. He was a feature of my periodical the Common European Home, which reached 5,000 in Polonian clubs, homes, centers…
Fact: Krajina was Serbian, Bosnia was full of Serbs. It’s capital was Muslim due to conversion. There was no such thing as a Bosnian ethnicity. This is a creation by the anti-Serbian neocons that ran the Billary administration. Without Minister Halfbright and Hillary and their neocons  -to many to list-  today Karadziec would be a world hero and (2) Krajinia, Bosnia and the birth place of Serbia (now, in reality, part of Albania) would be part of Serbia.
Unfortunately, La CesPool Granda’s neocons did to Yugoslavia yesterday what they have done today in the Middle east with their “Arabia” Spring. Truly heartbreaking.
Bronek Chapinski, email to Piotr Bein 10.7.2012

By piotrbein