Iran capable of easily routing Israeli military

Iran capable of easily routing Israeli military

Members of the Iranian Army

Members of the Iranian Army’s Ground Force academy perform during a graduation ceremony in Tehran November 10, 2011.
Mon Jul 9, 2012 3:56PM GMT
By Gordon Duff
I wonder how Israel intends to invade Iran, certainly not them. Their military would be swept aside easily, has no capability of operating logistically and Israel itself is faced with a population that is currently asking for an end to compulsory military service.”
While the mainstream news is filled with stories about Syria and the expected downfall of the Assad regime or the new government in Egypt, the alternative press has been talking about Iran invasion.

There are serious issues, two in particular.
1. There is no reasonable proof that Iran has a nuclear weapons program and, to the contrary, vast proof that their current program can never yield weapons grade uranium. We have this from Clinton Bastin, a Veterans Today staffer and one of America’s top nuclear weapons designers for decades. Bastin says the IAEA inspectors, some he knows personally, have no weapons experience and are unqualified.
2. There is a very clear program to assassinate Iranian scientists but with no nuclear program, then who is being killed? Investigations show that Iran is a world leader in the development of benign fusion reactors, even working with some American companies. These new energy sources would bankrupt the oil companies overnight which, for some reason, has made scientists involved in totally peaceful “green energy” science targets for assassination.
Our next evidence comes from the version of the Putin statement given in some Israeli publications. Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Israel last week. He issued a very mild statement advocating a diplomatic solution between the US and Iran.

Israeli news took that to mean he openly advocated an immediate invasion. I wonder how Israel intends to invade Iran, certainly not them. Their military would be swept aside easily, has no capability of operating logistically and Israel itself is faced with a population that is currently asking for an end to compulsory military service.

When asked, young Israeli’s say they are tired of hearing the continual fear mongering and no longer find any of the “threats” the Likudist regime harps about credible.
With up to 50% refusing service and “ultra-orthodox” Jews exempt, Israel’s draft laws are no longer credible.
In an interview with a former US Military Attaché to Israel, I was told that only a few units of the Israeli army are “first rate” with the rest much less capable. This is the same operations and intelligence officer who drew up US war plans for the invasion of Iran.
“We have plans drawn up somewhere to invade any country. Iran has to be attacked through Baluchistan, which is logistically impossible. Attack through Iraq violates agreements with that country and any other attack on Iran is impossible except for an air campaign.”
Again, we look at the obvious issues:
1. Destroying air defenses would only allow more air attacks but if no nuclear program exists, what would potential targets be?
2. With no land attack remotely possible due to strategic limitations, not to speak of lack of UN authorization, America’s financial disaster, lack of troops and only real backing being Israel, an “ally” unlikely to bring a single soldier to the battle, chances for invasion are remote.
3. Several years ago, I was part of a study group asked to do an analysis on the Straits of Hormuz. We found that Iran was capable of blocking that key oil outlet as long as needed and sinking any ship, military or otherwise, within hundreds of miles of the Iranian coast. This being true, and, though dependence on oil from the Persian Gulf is less than before, within 48 hours stock markets and currencies in the US and EU would collapse, brought on by predicted profiteering and speculation. Such an endeavor would be economically unrecoverable.
The most likely scenario, should the Likudists in Israel find their stranglehold on that country, one held through propagandization, pouring millions into the American electoral system, much of it proceeds from drug sales, human trafficking and other areas of organized crime, some of it even America’s own foreign aid to Israel, used for “pump priming,” Israel is likely to try to precipitate a war on Iran by staging an attack on the US, its forces in the Persian Gulf region or on a European NATO target, most likely the London Olympic games.
There has been highly credible information that an attack on the Olympics is planned.
Additionally, Dolphin submarines supplied to Israel by Germany have now been proven to have been specially modified to launch Cruise type and surface to air missiles.

This would allow Israel to attack American ships in the Persian Gulf, stage a nuclear attack on the London Olympics or shoot down commercial aircraft while blaming Iran.

Their powerful lobby in the US would back them up, their control of the press through much of the world would immediately blame Iran and any potential investigation would be rigged beforehand.
A critical component of the success of such an operation is that “highly informed sources” that might speak openly, would be threatened with any number of fates from immediate firing to the “accidental death” of their children.
In fact, we actually have statements from “highly informed sources” that this has happened before, more than once, in the US, United Kingdom and elsewhere in Europe.
With so much blither from pundits, politicians and “armchair” military experts, no one has taken a realistic look at the situation itself.
Let us list the reasons that Israel and Iran have for going to war against each other. Normally, we end up with a series of economic or political considerations, fighting over resources, influence in the region or longstanding historical spats.
In this case, there are none.
Iran has, however, criticized Israel’s policy of using military force against Muslims within its borders and the use of the “holocaust” as justification for acts that most nations, according to dozens of UN votes, find to be “war crimes.”
Thus, Israel wants to censor Iran through the use of American military force.

To justify this, there has been a clear fabrication of claims of Iranian weapons programs, claims made by a nation that has, in itself, been the primary violation of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East.

One could safely make this statement: “We have nuclear weapons that we stole or were supplied with through espionage that we use to threaten, not just our Muslim nations but according to noted Israeli military advisor, Martin Van Creweld, can, “at any time we wish, be used against Rome or elsewhere in Europe.”
With world economies on the edge of general collapse, any major conflict, particularly one that could draw in China or, worse still, present the United States in the role of aggressor and Israeli military surrogate again, would be historically unsustainable.

Gordon Duff is a Marine Vietnam veteran, a combat infantryman, and Senior Editor at Veterans Today. His career has included extensive experience in international banking along with such diverse areas as consulting on counter insurgency, defense technologies or acting as diplomatic representative for UN humanitarian and economic development efforts. Gordon Duff has traveled to over 80 nations. His articles are published around the world and translated into a number of languages. He is regularly on TV and radio, a popular and sometimes controversial guest. More articles by Gordon Duff

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