Without citing any proofs, Jane Bürgermeister repeats charges against A. Jones and W. Wodarg being cointelpro agents

Journalist Whistleblowers Vet Vaccine Genocide and COINTELPRO “PATCON” Propagandists Alex Jones & “Dr. True Ott”

PB: I have alerted to lack of support of similar charges made by Jane Bürgermeister in a recent video against Alex Jones and Wolfgang Wodarg.
This time, there seems to be more weight to the charges by virtue of an interview on Dr. Len Horowitz show, who has similar claims, also made without corroboration.
As a blogger and activist involved in the anti-vax campaigns, I find it very frustrating and unsettling that the serious charges remain impossible to verify. Can’t Jane simply give the proves on her blog, please?
Because of this flaw, I have resigned from a coalition against a new bill that forces genocidal vaccinations on all people in Poland against the basic natural, UE and Polish laws. My reason: the campaign uses Jane’s unproven claims against Jones and Wodarg.
In 2009 (as she and Dr. Horowitz admit in the interview), Jane has been fooled by cointelpro to believe Horowitz was on the Big Pharma side, while agents Drs. Ott and Beagle worked on her.
Personally, in 2009, I found during the anti-H1N1 campaign in Poland that Jane was prone to manipulation, and because of it, has contributed to a damage to Polish movement against the “pandemic”. At the same time, I have found Jane insufficiently informed on political issues of covert global power, a knowledge that she only recently starts to grasp and admit publically, as in the interview.
What guarantee do we have today that our Jane is not being manipulated or misinformed again?
This is a paramount question for the public who may soon need trusted independents for information, in order to defend from a genocidal Big Pharma’s plot. In any case, substantiating Jane’s charges is necessary for her own reputation as a trusted investigative reporter.

By piotrbein