Papa Rothschild tends to his garden: Germany world's 3rd largest exporter

Newsletter 2012/07/16 – Tested Principles

BERLIN (Own report) – According to media reports, the German Ministry
of Economics seeks to facilitate exports of the German arms industry.
It was reported that two ministerial draft bills are pleading to
“purge” foreign trade legislation to increase exports of German
military material. A coordination meeting with business associations
has been scheduled for Wednesday. For a few years, Germany has ranked
third largest arms exporter in the world, after the USA and Russia.
Germany assumes nearly one-tenth of all global arms exports. Its
customers include despotic regimes and countries in regions of crisis.
On foreign visits, the chancellor and her ministers personally
represent the sales interests of the arms industry. Most recently,
Defense Minister de Maizière tried to sell 60 Eurofighters during
visit to the United Arab Emirates. The export of weaponry to regions
of conflict is systematic. Allies are having their weaponry upgraded,
for example in the case of Persian Gulf dictatorships, in preparation
for a possible war against Iran, and in the case of Libya and Algeria
to fortify their borders or strengthen ties to a regional power.

By piotrbein