Certified Safe by Google Certified Safe by Google

Dear friends,
In the last few days, was targeted in several ways. I published the beginning of the attack in After the issue reported there was solved, the website was attacked again, this time by using two parallel methods. One of the problems was that I lost access to it.
Luckily, is “Google Friendly.” This informal status means that the website complies with certain guidelines. Almost as soon as the second attack begun, I was contacted by Google and informed of that. The contact wasn’t done via the web hosting company, but through a different method.  In parallel, Google put a warning. Those with their browser set on a high-security level saw the warning. Those bothering to read the message saw that the attack on me originated in Russia. Google’s notice even mentioned exactly what was done and made it clear I wasn’t the one to blame.
The neutralization of the coward attack was done in two stages. My problematic access to the website and internet kiosks caused an unnecessary delay. Finally, yesterday at noon everything was fixed. It took Google a few more hours to test the website. They declared it safe and took away the note.
In a very unusual fashion, they notified me personally. Here is part of the letter I got:
“RE: [*******] Site Politics
Dear Roy,
Apologies for the delay caused in getting back to you on this.
Roy, thanks a lot for fixing your site and reverting. Your site has been re-enabled now 🙂 I believe you’ve been already notified about this in an automated response. However, I just wanted to give you this news personally from my end. So, here I am 🙂
Hope this resolves your issue now. Do feel free to reach out to me in case of any further help, I’ll be happy to assist.
Have a great weekend!
Google Inc.”
I want to use this opportunity to thank all those who contacted me as soon as they saw something was wrong. You proved being good friends while I was under fire. My being capable of thwarting the next attack—and I have no doubt Israel will keep attacking me until one of us passes away—depends now on the inauguration of a proper alternate site, namely The alternate site exists in a minimalist fashion; but I’ll need your help to properly set it up. If you value my work, please help on this.
Thanks again for reading me and your continuous support, roy.

By piotrbein