Syria and Iran update

PB: Compare the following news with DebkaFile spin…

Lavrov: Russia Will Not Back Globalist Plans to Attack Syria

China, Russia block Western-backed draft resolution against Syria

Brzezinski advises against war with Iran and regime change in Syria

Syria retakes key areas from rebels

‘Syria unrest serves Israel’s interests’

‘US cheers on anti-Syria terrorism’

Israeli false flag/black op in Bulgarian terror at…

Iran condemns all terror acts, rejects Israeli claims

Alex: Come on Israel! Everybody knows whenever and wherever in the world some innocent Jews are killed Zionists’ hands are involved. Do not believe it? Search for “King David Hotel bombing” Menachem Begin’s terrorist group did it on 22 July 1946 in which 17 Jews were killed and as a reward he became later the prime minister of the Zionist regime! I see the anniversary of that is close and Zionists wanted to show that they are still on the same track!

Enemy suffering heavy blow from Iranian nation: Ahmadinejad

West favors delusion over logic on Iran: Official

By piotrbein