3 Colorado Shooters?: Bloody Footprints Run Past James Holmes Car

Thanks to some sharp eyed friends who come from backgrounds in law enforcement, the military and some who are seasoned hunters, the blood trail below takes on new significance.    A number of people, whose opinion I respect, advised me that the blood trail is consistent with someone who has been severely injured,presumably by a gunshot wound.   I am going out on a limb, but after considerable analysis I think this is a fair conclusion based upon solid crime scene evidence.   Here is why:
1.    There are no bloody shoeprints, which one would expect to find if the individual had just walked through a blood soaked crime scene.    In other words whoever laid down this blood trail  was not tracking the blood of his victims, but probably[OBVIOUSLY] his own blood.
2.    The stride is about six feet from point to point, which would strongly suggest that the person was running hard.  In this regard, the bloody impact marks are all in a line.  In other words the tracks we see are not from both feet.  Just one foot…  This would suggest that this person was wounded in one leg or one foot. [LEG, ELSE HE COULDN’T RUN] [while painful, if a person has motivation (not being caught for mass murder and the entire conspiracy setup being blown) a person could find it in him to run even on a shot foot.]
3.     The blood spray is a V pattern and one blood line (the left) is longer than the other.  This would suggest that this person suffered from a through and through gunshot wound, with the exit wound being larger than the entrance wound.  A .40 caliber Glock Pistol?  [WHY ARE THE CORRUPT COPS HIDING WHO SHOT THE ASSASSIN? OR EVEN THE FACT ITSELF? BECAUSE THEY **HAVE TO** BLAME HOLMES, AND PROTECT THE conspiracy]
This evidence strongly suggests that the killer was wounded when he ran out of the theater.  He then dumped his weapons at the door near Holmes car, sprinted down the sidewalk for a distance of about 200 feet, and then dumped the gas mask.  (He probably kept the mask in place to avoid identification by the surveillance closed circuit cameras).[Not necessarily that he was wounded as he ran out, but that he was already wounded at the time he ran out; also, he could have shot himself in the foot or leg (as an ATF agent did at Waco while climbing down a ladder, after having thrown a concussion grenade  in on one of his own agents who had just gone in the window before him).  Also, he could have been hit by one of his own bullets ricocheting off the metal frame of the theater seats.]
Some additional important questions:
What does the video cameras show?  Is the blood on the sidewalk that of James Holmes?  And most important, is there any blood on the shoes of James Holmes, the alleged shooter.
3 Colorado Shooters?: Bloody Footprints Run Past James Holmes Car
[No bloody footprint(s) to the vehicle… cops  will prob. say it was one of the victims running away scared… if so, why is the gas mask down the block…? where is the record of anyone showing up frantically at an ER saying “I was at Batman and someone started shooting and I got hit…?”  Surely if it was a victim, he/she would not have fled the scene, but waiting for help… but if in fear the shooter may come back, it is not unreasonable to assume a victim fled, but where is the ER and police report?  Also, the mask.  Also, makes no sense the real shooter who fled would have kept the mask on to not be noticable to cameras, for clearly the cameras were all turned off or will all be doctored, since the cameras themselves would show Holmes in his car the whole time and someone planting the gun as he fled wounded down the sidewalk.  Where are the tapes though… that is another clear proof of conspiracy… the tapes are all being doctored or we will be told, “due to a computer glitch the cameras were not on the day of the shooting.”
Anonymous Liverpool http://www.facebook.com/AnonLiverpool1 Wrote: This is James Holmes car, parked at the theater, right where it was when they found him. Notice the bloody footprints running PAST his car. They go all the way down to the end of the sidewalk at the end of the building, hundreds of feet past his car, to where the gas mask was found and then stop abruptly. James Holmes was found in or beside his car (Police reports vary on whether he was inside or beside it, [BECAUSE THEY ARE LYING AND COVERING UP. DUMB.] but all agree he was AT his car, either inside or beside it).
Do you see ANY bloody footprints leading BACK to the car? Do you see any blood around the car? How did he manage to shed his gear outside the theater door then run all the way to the end of the building to drop his gas mask and then run all of the way back to be there waiting for the police in the 90 seconds it took the cops to arrive? And more importantly, WHY would he do that? And if he did do that, why is there no trail of bloody footprints back to his car? Did he carry a bucket of soapy water with him as he ran down the sidewalk so he could clean up? Ignoring the obvious fact that he would not have had time to clean up, one would still have to ask where is the stuff he cleaned up with? That sidewalk ends at a road. It seems likely to me that someone ELSE did the shooting and ran down the sidewalk and was picked up by yet a third person in a car.
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How is James Holmes like bin Laden?  [EASY!…HE HAD PLASTIC SURGERY AT THE EXIT DOOR TO CHANGE HIS EARS, BROWS, AND LIPS, AND A RED WIG… DUMMIES!!] [His nose is clearly first noticeable, eyes are different shape and color (grey/blue or hazel or very very light brown…? and not dark brown), shape of face different and fairer, thinner person, more sloping shoulders, and possibly seems to have larger adam’s apple… appears to have brow wrinkle lines whereas holmes does not where is this second picture supposedly from…? it says CNN at the bottom, are they saying both of these are holmes…?  Do they think people are that stupid…?
Holmes or the imposter show us — they don’t say which — was taking prescription painkiller Vicodin.  Why would they frame James Holmes and where is the real James Holmes now?
“How does an unemployed med student come up with the money to acquire all of the sophisticated ballistics gear, weapons and ammunition, let alone the ability to booby-trap his apartment.  Where would his impersonator get that backing?”

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