Webster Tarpley: UN chief's anti-Syria stance threatens UN existence + Syria updates

Ban’s anti-Syria stance threatening UN existence

Al-Jaafari calls UN General Assembly Resolution on Syria Hysteric and Misleading

Russia blames US for Annan resignation as envoy for Syria crisis

Annan quits as special UN-Arab League envoy to Syria

Syrian army destroys telecom system of foreign-sponsored insurgents

US Blackwater training anti-Assad terrorists in Turkey: Report

Syria army kills armed rebels near Damascus

Syria in battle for destiny: Assad

‘Turkey gives missiles to Syrian rebels’

Syria engages rebels on Lebanon border

Syrian troops kill 150 rebels in Aleppo

The Transpiring Truth About the Battle in Aleppo and NATO´s War on Syria

Armed rebels execute pro-Assad captives in Syria

Syrian rebels’ own bombs blow up in their faces in Aleppo

Chinese Warship Crosses Suez, Possibly Bound for Syria

Turkey’s Hatay Province is Mossad, CIA spy hub: Turkish MP

Armed rebels commit horrific crimes against civilians: Syria

Iran warns Turkey of harsh response if it attacks Syria

DEBKAfileJuly 30, 2012, 10:45 PM (GMT+02:00) – The Iranian-Syrian mutual defense pact will be activated, said Iranian sources.

Aleppo fighting focuses on control of routes to and from city

DEBKAfileJuly 31, 2012, 2:23 PM (GMT+02:00)
Government forces continued to attack rebel positions in Aleppo for the fourth day uesday with artillery, mortars and helicopter gunships. Clashes continued in the Salaheddine quarter in the southwest which commands the Syrian army’s route for reinforcements and where control swings between the two sides. The northeastern Sakhour quarter is under heavy shelling to block incoming rebel supplies. Fighting is also reported outside Air Force Intelligence HQ in the western part of the city.
The rebels are claiming victory in the surrounding countryside – driving Syrian troops out of the town of Al Bab northeast of Aleppo and from the Anand army checkpoint to the north, thereby easing the movement of rebel reinforcements and supplies from Turkey, 50 kilometers away.
DEBKAfile: The fighting now focuses on control of routes running into and out of the city.

 23 CIA-Berets killed in Syria. Failed CIA Assassination attempt on Assad

The Ukrainian report is not confirmed elsewhere, and it contains propaganda that Osama Bin Laden was killed by the US Seals in Pakistan last year.

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