Roy Tov: Iran Announces Missile Drones + It’s Too Late for Assad’s Resignation + other articles on Iran and Syria

Delaying Apocalypse: Iran Announces Missile Drones

“…September 2, 2012, … He said that Iran has gathered technical information from the U.S. RQ-170 stealth drone it captured last year and “we are currently mounting missiles” on Iran’s long-range drone, the Karrar. …”

“Israel will win due to Technological Advantage!”

“…Benjamin Netanyahu’s tired diatribe against the Labor party wasn’t effective even at his Likud Party Tel Aviv Headquarters. At certain moment, he dropped his speech and began hitting the podium rhythmically with his heavyset hand, while chanting “They are afraid! They are afraid!” At first, the crowd was astonished; after a few repetitions, they joined him. After a few minutes they were all screaming like savages. “They are afraid! They are afraid! They are afraid!” Next day, Netanyahu was called by the main newspaper “Goebbels,” while his crowd became known as “the monkeys.” He lost the elections and never again repeated this cheap provocation. …”

IDF: Home Front Command not ready for war with Iran

“…sent an open letter to the IAF reserve pilots chosen to strike Iran, urging them to refuse the order….”

Romney’s Key in Israeli Attack on Iran

“…On August 30, 2012, the International Atomic Energy Agency published a report on the nuclear program of Iran. The report claims that Iran is speeding up its uranium enrichment program, having placed more than three quarters of the centrifuges it needs for completing it in a practically impenetrable underground installation, beneath a mountain outside Qum. This means that Iran is close to crossing what Israel had defined as its red line: the capability to produce nuclear weapons in a safe location….”

The Syrian Gambit

“…The latter is the General Headquarters Commando Unit, to which Benjamin Netanyahu and Ehud Barak belonged. The people chosen for these units often possess unusual capabilities….”

Eastern Limit of Western Power

“…1 Year, 5 months, 3 weeks, and 4 days; embarrassing. Every day that passes without a definition of the Syrian Civil War brings another reminder that the Arab Spring is failing, even hitting back at some of its instigators. ….”

It’s Too Late for Assad’s Resignation

“…On August 22, 2012, two news items related to Syria converged into an unprecedented escalation in the ongoing tragedy…Reading this, one would immediately assume that Israel was implied in the statement. Yet, in the following day, violence overflowed Syria’s borders into …”

Bleeding Mouth
Tomorrow [about Sep 10, 2012 – PB] expires the period defined in 15-Day Execution Order. Bolivia may decide to throw me beyond its borders without documents at any moment. In any direction they choose, this is druglords territory, and the beginning of a slow execution. After they robbed me of all, they need to get rid of the body. If you care, please contact the nearest Bolivian Embassy and ask them to respect their own laws. I am here legally.
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