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We all regard GMOs and Monsanto as “evil,” but do we really know why?
Here’s why genetically engineered foods are truly evil. Here’s why stopping them matters:
A renewed boycott has been announced against the mega food corporations that oppose Proposition 37 in California:
The GMO debate is over. Monsanto lost. Humanity won.
The truth is that GMOs promote cancer tumors and cause premature death.
Now it’s time to ban GMOs worldwide, indict those who lied about their safety and shut down GM seed production in order to protect humanity from the scourge of genetically modified poisonous crops:
The GMO industry doesn’t yet know they’ve lost. They’re desperately spending millions of dollars to try to defeat Proposition 37 in California:
Watch the paradigm-shattering film by Jeffrey Smith: Genetic Roulette — the full length feature is available online for just a few days:
Portland citizens are vowing to fight back against toxic fluoride in their water! Go Portland! Say NO to poison in the water:
The FDA’s total criminality has reached a new low with the agency now threatening the families of its own scientists, trying to prevent them from blowing the whistle on criminal misconduct within the agency. We’ve also learned that the US Food and Drug Administration is running a massive surveillance program that monitors its employees and even hacks into their Gmail accounts. Anyone who threatens to go to the press (or to Congress) with the truth about the FDA gets to “swim with the fishes,” if you know what I mean:

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