JVP: Thank you – 200,000 readers strong

Piotr Bein: Dear Ari, thanks are due to your group, not us, mere allies who click on the buttons thoughtfully and meticulously prepared by you people.
All the best and Shalom!

Thank you – 200,000 readers strong

Thursday, September 27, 2012 3:25 PM
From: “Ari Wohlfeiler, Jewish Voice for Peace” <info@jewishvoiceforpeace.org>
To: Piotr Bein

Jewish Voice for Peace

Dear Piotr, Thank you so much for lending your name to our ad campaign calling out the attacks on Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb and others who dare to stand up for justice – despite unethical smear campaigns by far-right extremists Sheldon Adelson and Bill Kristol.
With your help, we put up ads in the Cleveland Jewish News, Philadelphia Exponent, and New York Jewish Week with the signatures of dozens of rabbis, backed up by thousands more – including yours.
The ads went in the High Holiday editions of each paper, guaranteeing their highest readership of the entire year.  All told, 200,000 people got our message last week.
We already know that many Jews and allies share our values.  You made it possible for us to make those values visible, and to open space for more people to decide to stand with us, openly and proudly.
I’m so impressed by your support.  Together we got our message out loud and clear: No to bullying. No to demonization of peace-makers.  And yes to peace, equality and justice.

Thanks for all you do,

Ari Wohlfeiler, Grassroots Fundraising Coordinator
Jewish Voice for Peace
Ps: for full coverage of our ad campaign: jvp.org/ads

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