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U.S. Midwest farmers are feeding their cattle gummy worms, marshmallows and candy made with genetically modified HFCS! Why? Because the drought has destroyed the corn crop:
A shocking new hidden camera video filmed at Whole Food stores is blowing the lid on what’s being called a massive “bait and switch” deception. Whole Foods employees are caught blatantly LYING about the GMOs sold by Whole Foods, a company whose products are 20% – 30% GMO, says the video. Here’s the stunning news and a link to the undercover “hidden camera” video:
Victory! Russia bans GMOs in the wake of the cancer tumor rat study. France is seeking a European-wide ban on GMOs. Is the end of Monsanto’s evil reign near?
Which U.S. presidential candidate is more likely to oppose GMOs? Neither one, it turns out. Romney is a corporatist while Obama has a long history of breaking campaign promises. Neither one has even mentioned GMOs as a campaign issue! (Which also tells you how ignorant the public is, eh?) In an interesting article published today, Jon Rappoport calls Obama “Monsanto’s greatest lobbyist.” Here’s why:
P.S. For the record, I’m not voting for President this year. I just can’t stand the (false) choices…
In my latest article on GMOs, I explain how GMOs have transformed food into a weapon:
Ronnie Cummins reports: Proposition 37 is our “Moment of Truth” for halting GMOs:
We all regard GMOs and Monsanto as “evil,” but do we really know why? Here’s why genetically engineered foods are truly evil. Here’s why stopping them matters:
A renewed boycott has been announced against the mega food corporations that oppose Proposition 37 in California:
The GMO debate is over. Monsanto lost. Humanity won. The truth is that GMOs promote cancer tumors and cause premature death. Now it’s time to ban GMOs worldwide, indict those who lied about their safety and shut down GM seed production in order to protect humanity from the scourge of genetically modified poisonous crops:
The GMO industry doesn’t yet know they’ve lost. They’re desperately spending millions of dollars to try to defeat Proposition 37 in California:
Watch the paradigm-shattering film by Jeffrey Smith: Genetic Roulette — the full length feature is available online for just a few days:

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