A member of the anti-Nazi resistance, Witold Pilecki who entered Auschwitz death camp to document German atrocities was killed by communists

  • The Times of Israel: Poles search for the bones of the only volunteer Auschwitz inmate

    […] many fellow fighters were caught and sent to Auschwitz, which in the early war years served more as a camp for Polish resistance fighters than Jews.
    PB: Objective, compared to Zionist propaganda. Jews were sent to Birkenau sub-camp of Auschwitz. The article would do even better if it explained that “Soviets”, “Nazis” and Poland’s post-war “Communists” were primarily extreme Judeocentrics or local people co-erced to work for them.
    Michał Tyrpa: I posted a link to this article on Bring Witold Pilecki to Holocaust Museums profile and on United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. We hope than thanks to you USHMM will finally do what they declared in February 6, 2012. See: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-znxM_4KHmVQ/Tz0b4NGCLnI/AAAAAAAABGw/hIbMiSaJuSA/s1600/Odpowied%25C5%25BA%2BMuzeum%2BHolocaustu%2Bz%2B6%2Blutego%2B2012.jpg. See also: www.witoldsreport.blogspot.com.

  • A member of the anti-Nazi resistance, Witold Pilecki who entered Auschwitz death camp to document German atrocities was killed by communists

    By Michał Tyrpa
    Poles from the Union of Military Organization at Auschwitz are the biggest heroes of the Holocaust era. The name of Witold Pilecki is printed in golden letters in the history of the Jewish people condemned by the Germans to extermination. The memory of the heroic struggle of Captain and his soldiers should not become the subject of a suspicious fair. And this is a request filed by the Forum of Polish Jews.
    Since January 2008, a social action “Przypomnijmy o Rotmistrzu” (“Let’s Reminisce About Witold Pilecki”) takes place. Among the many initiatives that constitute more than four-year history of this apolitical citizens’ initiative (see documentation atwww.michaltyrpa.blogspot.com), are also efforts to commemorate the achievements of the creator and soldiers of the Union of Military Organization in the U.S. Holocaust Museum.
    In August 2010, the Paradis Judaeorum Foundation (Fundacja Paradis Judaeorum) of Krakow (initiator of the “Przypomnijmy o Rotmistrzu”/”Let’s Reminisce about Witold Pilecki”) sent a letter to the United States Holocaust Memorial Council in Washington D.C., with the suggestion to take account of Witold Pilecki in the exhibitions of the centers cultivating the memory of the extermination of the Jewish people.
    In February 2012, after waiting for more than a year and a half, the longed-for response from Washington finally arrived (see a scan below). The curator of the permanent exhibition of the Holocaust Museum, promised to take account of the demands concerning the Captain, submitted by the Foundation Paradis Judaeorum (see also page StefczykInfo and here).
    It is highly surprising that professional historians, nay! specialists in the Holocaust, did not know the achievements of Polish heroes of the Union of Military Organizations. If, however, (which is, indeed, hard to believe) it really was so, Paradis Judaeorum Foundation was able to convince the historians of the Holocaust to devote due tribute to Rotamaster (cavalry Captain) Pilecki.
    After Dr. Steven Luckert’s February response it might have been be expected that the Washington establishment would fix the effects of years of neglect, resulting from silence about the work of Witold Pilecki, through which the elites of Great Britain and the United States (including the prominent Jews!), knew from the beginning the details of the execution phase of the so-called. “Final Solution”.
    Recently, however, it turned out that the Washington Holocaust Museum treats the principle pacta sunt servanda (observe contracts) in a completely arbitrary way, while the U.S. media unleashed another anti-Polish hysteria. This time it was that after the expiration of the term for which the State Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau loaned to Washington the prisoner barracks, the Polish side – under the terms of the agreement – demanded the return of borrowed items.
    Venomous, anti-Polish comments appeared in the American media, which willingly and often wrote about the “Polish concentration camps”, but never about the author of “Witold’s Report”. Here in America the Poles (thanks to J.T. Gross) are generally known as zealous accomplices of the Holocaust, who after the war looted the Jewish estates, and now dare to demand the return of what the Washington museum borrowed from them… It is hardly surprising that the consultations between Polish and U.S. officials stalled.
    And then the institution under the name of Polish Jews Forum raised a curious project. Its essence would be exit of the impasse by a casemerger of the case of Auschwitz barracks with proper commemoration of rtm.Pilecki, cf. text “Spróbujmy z niezgody uczynić zgodę”.
    I must admit that after reading the article, at first I thought it was just a stupid joke. How is that? So the twenty-first century, serious institutions can not (do not want to?) keep their sovereignly taken commitments? Today, in March 2012, the memory of the achievements of Polish heroes will be the subject of shady auctions? Witold Pilecki Merit is the currency with which the authorities and the Polish people would buy in America the truth about Auschwitz?
    So this is hutzpah in its pure form!
    Hasten to explain, then, to all those who do not understand that the sacred memory of Captain and his memorable deeds were not and will not be subject to any gesheft! Observe the contracts, dear Friends and Allies! And Witold Pilecki in the museums of the Holocaust should be given what he deserves! I it has to be settled in a honorable way! Does America even understand what the word means?
    In this context, combining the perennial American-Jewish negligence against the Captain with the total disregard of their own obligations expressed today seems but sneer. It is also further evidence of the lack of respect for our hero.
    For this writer it is even more amazing that the same Polish Jews Forum for over 4 years (actually since 20 February 2008) had no time to respond to the invitation to the group of institutional participants social action “Przypomnijmy o Rotmistrzu” (“Let’s Reminisce About Witold Pilecki”).
    And so today, in a fit of inspiration, the Forum of Polish Jews has recognized the Captain … One would probably not know if the cause of this sudden awakening were news, which can recently be found at www.witoldsreport.blogspot.com
    Dear Friends: Jews, Americans, Poles! The memory of Rtm. Pilecki, annihilated and defiled for decades, is not for sale! The memory must not be manipulated, nor politicized. It must not be made the subject of geszeft! Memory of Witold Pilecki is sacred.
    Let’s Reminisce About Witold Pilecki! We Must Give Testimony.

By piotrbein