Another Islamist scare

Piotr Bein: Dr Warner is right about Jihad’s decimation of Christian civilisation (see e.g. Dr Srdja Trifkovic The Sword and the Prophet), but Warner’s naive (or calculated?) take on Islamist causation of 9/11 and the wars that have ensued, is baloney. Most every student of modern conspiracies knows this.
Read recent articles by William Engdahl and by Tony Cartalucci on how the extremist Islamism is manipulated by the “West” and their intelligence services like the CIA…

CIA and the “intelligence services” of the “democratic world” have actually been hi-jacked to carry out decisions of the “globalists”, i.e. the Judeocentric Power Complex (JPC), as I have shown:

The cases of Bosnia civil war and Kosovo “independence” prove that the Islamist scare is artificial. It is only with the JPC help that Bosnia’s extreme Muslims, and the Albanian extremists in Kosovo,  have gained an upper hand, against the majority of moderate Bosnian Muslims or Albanians, who have been terrorized and/or brainwashed into certain behaviour. Similar manipulation and violence takes place now with the Muslims in the Middel East, from Iraq and Pakistan, to Egypt, Libya and Syria.
Jonathan Azaziah has bluntly described the so-called “ethnic-sectarian strife” over there:
I fear the murder of Yugoslavia was JPC’s full-scale test for Balkanization of the world. We see it unfolding before our eyes, in the hands of Wahhabi and other Salafist Muslims, incl. enigmatic Muslim Brotherhood. The latter has a long history of co-operation/infiltration by the JPC. The sect has already been used by the JPC at the time of Hitler’s Third Reich, as mentioned by Engdahl, and described e.g. by Carl Savich. Later examples of JPC’s exploitation of Islamism and hatred for globalist wars include Brzezinsky’s Jihad in Afghanistan, then in Chechnya, and most recently in Libya and Syria.
To sum up, Dr Warner’s is unfortunately another attempt to manipulate Christians.
It’s a pity, because we must get to know the true history of our demise in the hands of the extreme Islam and extreme Judeocentrism that exploits the former to their own ultimate end: domination and subjugation of the world (including the World of Islam).
It boggles my mind that scholars like Drs Warner and Trifkovic are able to recognize the threat from Islam, but not from other ivilizations. Extremists from any religion can be and are exploited by the powers to be. Currently, I observe this being done to supposedly Catholic Poles, who are brainwashed into rabid Rusophobia and anti-Semitism, without even knowing that their greatest enemy does it. In the US, the so-called Zionist Christians are responsible for much of the Islamophobic “US” policy and the war on terror. In the Jewish community, some activists struggle with the dominating, Zionist totalitarian faction at the helm who base their policies of genocide and wars on Talmudic hatred of non-Jews, even at the expense of their own, non-conforming brethren!

Dr Bill Warner: Why We Are Afraid

If you never watch another video you MUST watch this.
At last someone who dares expose the lies about Islam and Christianity told in our churches, schools and in our media. At last someone who tells the truth about Crusades – ie that the ONLY crusades were Muslim (murderously successful and lasted centuries) while the Christian version was short, defensive, a failure and of course a COUNTER CRUSADE.
Make your MP watch it!!

By piotrbein