Roy Tov: Elections in January; War in… + IDF Photographs its own Defeat

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On Bad Faith and Cold Hearts—I’m being tortured by the Bolivian Government

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Elections in January; War in …

“…On October 9, 2012, a rather terse Netanyahu announced early elections to the Knesset on January 2013. Can we trust him this time? After all, in May he announced early elections for September…..”

IDF Photographs its own Defeat

“…Two American F-16I jets in use by the Israeli Air Force intercepted and shot down an unmanned aerial vehicle during the early hours of October 6, 2012….The dramatic event was downplayed by the Hebrew media, which failed to mention why this event announces the opening of a new stage in the Middle East.”
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Some journeys create more than a travelogue… The Cross of Bethlehem II
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Roi Tov
PB: Hamas and Hezbollah are infiltrated by Mossad. It could have been a false flag. More on downing the drone over Israel (read comments):

…All that’s known is what Israel said each time. Best to take its reports with a grain of salt. They rarely have credibility.

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