The Islamization of Syria Rebellion

Newsletter 2012/10/12 – The Islamization of the Rebellion

DAMASCUS/BERLIN (Own report) – Berlin is intensifying consultations on
the support for the Syrian insurgents with Saudi Arabia. The German
foreign ministry announced that in the German capital this week
Foreign Minister Westerwelle was coordinating with the Saudi deputy
foreign minister steps to “strengthen the Syrian opposition.” Riyadh
is one of the main financiers and suppliers of arms to the insurgents,
among whom the militant Islamist forces are increasing their influence
– not just Islamist militiamen from abroad, but also from local
organizations, whose radicalization potential should not be
underestimated, according to US experts. If the Assad regime is
overthrown, these militiamen would surely “demand their rewards” –
observers warn – since they have more combat power than the Free
Syrian Army’s non-Islamist brigades. Major media organs in the USA are
drawing parallels between Afghanistan in the 1980s – when Islamist
militias, with western support, plunged the country into catastrophe,
a catastrophe from which it has yet to recover – and today’s Syria,
which is threatened with a similar development.

By piotrbein