Regardless Who Wins US Elections

Newsletter 2012/10/29 – Regardless Who Wins US Elections

WASHINGTON/BERLIN (Own report) – Regardless of who will win the
presidential elections in the United States, German political
observers are not anticipating a change of course in U.S. foreign
policy. “It is essentially immaterial who wins,” predicts an expert at
the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP). That country’s
“enormous economic problems” leave the next US president with “hardly
any margin of maneuver.” And according to the CDU’s Konrad Adenauer
Foundation, one can “more than likely expect a continuity, rather than
a change” in the coming U.S. foreign and military policy. The
Republican candidate, Mitt Romney’s aggressive rhetoric can “be
considered, with good conscience, to be the baying of an electoral
campaign.” Observers agree that Romney – like Obama – will reinforce
US presence on China’s East and Southeast Asian periphery. It can also
be assumed that he will continue the Democrat president’s drone wars,
should he win the elections. Both will order military attacks on Iran,
if Iran should equip itself with nuclear arms, the Adenauer Foundation
predicts. Berlin must adapt itself to this situation.

By piotrbein