Germany influences Ukrainin opposition

Newsletter 2012/10/30 – Fatherland and Freedom

KIEV/BERLIN (Own report) – A CDU Ukrainian partner organization has
announced its close cooperation with an extremist right-wing party. As
reported from Kiev, the “Batkivschyna” (Fatherland) Party – in which
CDU ally Yulia Tymoshenko is playing a leading role – is planning to
form a parliamentary coalition with the “Svoboda” (“Freedom”) Party.
Svoboda stands in the tradition of Nazi collaborators and
internationally is affiliated with Hungary’s neo-fascist “Jobbik”
Party. Svoboda won 8.3 percent of the votes in last Sunday’s
parliamentary elections. It is not yet certain, whether the CDU’s
second partner in Kiev, world heavyweight titleholder Vitali Klitschko
and his “UDAR” Party will join the coalition. This cooperation will
not be the first time that extremist right-wing forces have been
integrated into the pro-Western Ukrainian opposition. Similar
alliances had already emerged during the “Orange Revolution” in late

By piotrbein