Accusations against the German Kosovo occupation policy

Newsletter 2012/11/01 – The Logic of War

PRISHTINA/BERLIN (Own report) – The European Court of Auditors (ECA)
is making serious accusations against the German-EU Kosovo occupation
policy. According to the ECA’s report published Tuesday, not much can
be seen of the “rule of law,” that the EU for years has been
pretending to establish in the region that had seceded from Serbia in
violation of international law. Instead, levels of general corruption
and particularly of organized crime remain “high.” This has “not
changed considerably” since the occupation began in the summer of
1999, writes the EU authority. NATO invaded that south Serbian
province in the summer of 1999. Under its control and with Berlin’s
active support, the KLA mafia gang led by Kosovo’s current Prime
Minister, Hashim Thaci, became the strongest local power. The ECA
report, once again, shows the consequences of Berlin’s repeated
reversion to elements – such as the KLA – in the framework of
strategically motivated military operations. With their help, wars can
be won, but their social qualities are diametrically opposed to a
humane development in the region targeted by German interventions.

By piotrbein