ALARM: Professor Scherrer’s data and email hacked

ALARM: Professor Scherrer’s data and email hacked

Professor Christian Scherrer heads the monumental International Comparative Genocide Research (ICGR) project at the Hiroshima Peace Institute of the Hiroshima City University. When finished, the ICGR will document, in several scientific volumes, the 20th-21st century genocides and mass violence on all continents. The following books are out already, after sabotage of their publication that has been overcome eventually:

  • Christian P. Scherrer (ed.) Iraq: Genocide by Sanctions, 2011, Penerbilt U. Sans Malaysia: Pulau Pinano, ISBN 978-983-861-503-7
  • Christian P. Scherrer (ed.) Iraq: Silent Death, 2011, Penerbilt U. Sans Malaysia: Pulau Pinano, ISBN 978-983-861-504-4

I have contributed 4 papers to Prof. Scherrer‘s ambitious project:

On Oct 23, 2012, Professor Scherrer wrote me on how he lost additional time on the next publications:

My file mass storage linked to office PC has been depleted but in targeted style, ‘only’ text, no pictures or audio. The files disappeared, sucked off. I was online and forgot to take of the mass storage. […]  They must have been fast. They stole/mined all text files, even all the old stuff, not all the pictures, maybe because I closed the session, but without noticing the damage immediately. It came as a big punch today. Of course I have copies of my files in two more places but not here. Two month works are destroyed! – Some org or govt(s) must hate me.

I had my second Rwanda book on Responses to Genocide 95% ready! No back-up for this, six weeks of work on this is gone (sic!). As well as works on the first and second volumes of the upcoming Genocide and Mass Violence series, already years delayed, overdue anyway and now they will be further delayed.

He added on Nov 7:

They continue to cut my information, after stealing everything. Now my yahoo account has been compromised!

And again on Nov 8:

Warning should go out that these guys have means at their disposal others won’t have. It’s clearly a foreign state’s services operation.

The aim: They might want to get info about my works and what I am doing / working at the time / going to do next, etc.

Important: They think they can demoralize me by stealing all my works.

Of course I have copies in several places but I lost the most recent stuff.

PB: Just in case, please copy my contributions to Prof. Scherrer’s work, mentioned above. To avoid attacks on the copies, please do not inform me that you have copied.

By piotrbein