Take Action for Gaza: Stop the Bombs, Stop the Siege, Stop Payment!

Right now, Gaza is being bombarded in what Israel is calling ‘Operation Pillar of Defense’. JVP has issued a statement about this operation which can be found here.
This escalation of violence by Israel, on the eve of an election there, and with the unconditional support of the US government, cannot go unchallenged. Together we must demand: Stop the Bombs. Stop the Siege. Stop Payment on the Israeli Military’s Blank Check.
Take to the streets with others in your local community to protest Israel’s invasion and ongoing siege of Gaza and the US government’s complicity and to demand a cessation of violence and attacks against civilians on all sides. Click here to organize a demonstration in your area, post an event already planned, or find out what is happening in your area.
JVP will provide chant sheets,  a sample press release, talking points for media, and printable posters to help you easily and quickly organize a local demonstration. Let us know details of your community’s event here and we’ll help spread the word to all JVP supporters in your area.
The bombs that are falling on Gaza right now are paid for by US tax dollars, as unconditional military aid to Israel remains an unquestioned budgetary priority. Take to the streets to demand that President Obama use the US’s power to stop the bombs, stop the siege and stop payment on the Israeli military’s blank check from the US government.
Thank you for all you do, and with prayers for peace and immediate cessation of violence.
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By piotrbein