Germany and the NWO Arab League

Newsletter 2012/11/14 – Not the More Liberal Order

BERLIN/CAIRO (Own report) – The German foreign minister is pleading
for a “strategic partnership” between the European Union and the Arab
League. During a meeting of foreign ministers of the two
organizations, yesterday in Cairo, Guido Westerwelle noted that
lately, the association of Arab states has been “assuming a growing
amount of regional responsibility,” which is why cooperation should be
reinforced. Observers have been pointing out for quite some time that
following the overthrow of the secular regimes in Tunisia, Egypt, and
Libya, the dictatorships on the Arabian Peninsular have seized
leadership of the Arab League, and are using their newly acquired
margin of maneuver to reinforce Islamist forces throughout the Arab
world – including those among Syrian insurgents. They are cooperating
closely with the West – which hopes to set them against Iran and uses
Islamist associations in other countries, for example in Egypt. The
losers are the secular forces, which, since 2010, have been in
rebellion to overthrow their repressive, western-collaborating,
secular regimes and who are now confronted with repressive, Islamist
allies of the EU and USA.

By piotrbein