German deployment at Syrian border — no-fly zone to come?

Newsletter 2012/11/19 – Air Defense for the Exile Leadership

DAMASCUS/ANKARA/BERLIN (Own report) – The German Bundeswehr is
possibly on the verge of a deployment directly at the Syrian border.
According to reports in the media, today, Turkey will officially
request that NATO station “Patriot” surface-to-air missiles on its
southwestern territory, supposedly as protection from Syrian combat
jets and missiles. The German government has agreed to participate
with up to 170 military personnel. As a matter of fact, the stationing
is planned not only for the territory, where, for quite some time,
conflicts with Kurdish separatists have been escalating. According to
concrete plans drawn up by top-ranking Turkish and US officers and
presented to the White House, they also lay the groundwork for
establishing a no-fly zone over Syrian territory. The objective is to
create conditions, over the next few weeks, allowing the recently – in
Qatar – founded Syrian exile leadership to leave exile and become
established in northern Syria, which requires security from aerial

By piotrbein