German right-wing extremists in Poland

Newsletter 2012/11/23 – Evidence of German Presence

WROCLAW (Own report) – German right-wing extremists are politically
exploiting government funded cultural events for the German-speaking
minority in Poland. According to reports, members of the “Silesian
Youth” recently established contacts in neighboring Poland during this
year’s “Cultural Festival of the German Minority” in Wroclaw. The
“Silesian Youth” have been classified as right-wing extremist. Several
of its leading members had been active members in currently banned
neo-Nazi organizations. Another association of German right-wing
extremists also called for participation at the festival. Earlier,
“Silesian Youth” activists marched in a demonstration in Katowice
demanding “autonomy for Upper Silesia.” The Saxon regional section
claims to be secretly taking care of former German cemeteries
(“Evidence of German Presence in Silesia”) as well as systematically
expanding its relations to the German-speaking minority – in
cooperation with a “relief organization” under the direction of a
former activist of the neo-Nazi NPD.

By piotrbein