German experts warn Berlin of war escalation: find a domestic Syrian solution

Newsletter 2012/11/29 – A Proxy War

DAMASCUS/BERLIN (Own report) – German government advisors are warning
against further military reinforcement of the Syrian rebel militias
and are insisting instead on finding common ground for an agreement on
Syria with Russia and Iran. The situation of the civilian population
is already catastrophic and will become even worst, according to the
most recent analysis of the German Institute for International and
Security Affairs (SWP). According to the paper, whereas the Syrian
civil war has developed into a proxy war between the West on the one
hand and Teheran and Moscow on the other, there is no perspective of
finding a domestic solution independent of the external powers. Some
western forces view the neutralization of the regime in Damascus, an
ally of Teheran, as the prerequisite for war on Iran, which is why
Teheran supports Damascus at all costs. The SWP points out that
political structures still exist in Syria, that are seeking a
political solution, but they are still being ignored by the West. The
think tank warns that if an escalation to the conflict cannot be
halted, the country risks disintegrating into splinter fiefdoms under
individual warlords for a long time to come.

By piotrbein